25 Brian

WARNING: Do not try this at home


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Brian once thought he'd found a use for trigonometry after leaving school. He had to paint the gutters which were 23 feet 8 inches off the ground. He had an 18ft ladder. He’s 5ft 9, can reach up to 7" 1’ and had a 8 inch paintbrush. After painstaking calculations he reversed his car 3 feet 2 inches from the wall, flipped open the boot, stuck one end of the ladder inside and the other against the wall, climbed up and got to work. He’d painted about 5 feet when he couldn’t reach anymore and realised he’d have to get down and move the car for the next 5ft of guttering. And the porch at the other end came out too far for the car to reverse that close to the wall. So much for trigonometry.

Refuses to go on-line as he still harbours concerns over the Y2K bug.