15 Alison
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Champion of the Underdog, Benefactor of the Poor, Voluntary member of the Red Cross, Alison is a long way from being any of these. From humble beginnings (she was reportedly discovered under a cabbage by her mother when she was two), Alison has failed to develop and mature into any kind of person who would be useful to have around if you were broke.

Her difficulties have been attributed to her fear of caterpillars and her addiction to slug pellets. Which is odd, because she can't really have been living under a leafy vegetable for the first 24 months of her life. Maybe she had wandered out of her front garden while playing on that fateful day, and the person who she has grown up calling 'mother' was in fact a baby snatcher. Holy smoke, that's a horrible thought. Someone should really look into it. But it still doesn't explain the slug pellets thing.