2003 Results And Fixtures

League- Premier 2, fifth place, 6-8 record

Blitzes- Triple I - Plate finalists.

Cup - ISA Cup Section 2 finalists.

League -

Week 1 Wednesday 30/04/03 Big Al's Flyers 18 - 15 Kielys Kegs
ALSAA. Att: 2
Luckiely in the end.
On Deano's 30th birthday birthday the old fool is part of the trio who come in after 4 innings and turn the game around for the Flyers. By sheer coincidence the three subs haven't been out training much so haven't benefited from coach Ebbs' innovative training methods and game plans. Kegs played with 9 and soon discovered our weaknesses – stopping the ball, throwing the ball, catching the ball. At least Betty, free from the frustration of trying to drum his mantra into the softball monkeys, was able to get on with his game. So going into the 5th Ebbs takes himself off, rearranges the field, Flyers bat through the order and victory chips are earned. If we get more than chips for this success what feasts await when we win well.
Devally's Devastating Moment: Adrian gets the blame for Mark missing second base, not getting his HR, and being substituted for... Adrian. A cunning plan.
Debutante of the Day: Bronagh's welcome comeback doesn't really count so with no opposition our token foreigner Braveheart Pattullo gets the award.

Week 2 Wednesday 14/05/03 Big Al's Flyers 23 - 12 Diamond Dogs
ALSAA. Att: 2
Dogs Do The Craziest Things III.
Would you like to install the report? Congratulations! You have zapped all the ads and reached the report stage. Daddy and Junior swelled the attendance tonight to a record-equalling two for the season and they were treated to the bizarre spectacle of the umpire allowing the Dogs to play with 4 outfielders and no catcher cos they only had 9 players. Didn't stop the Flyers knocking in home run after home run and preventing the Dogs, courtesy of Cora's catch in RF off el-leftie, from playing the kind of Samba softball they looked like they could have. Top of the table isn't where we normally want to be but if both Marlay teams get relegated promotion could be our best bet.
Top 5 debut makers: Mark's pitching, Ebbsies early morning team-sheet, Fiona Mc's HRs, and the invisible catcher, but the winner is Alan Brennan (and his hitting).
El Momento Diabolique de Devally: Bronagh's broken nail was as bad as it got tonight. Ouch! Ok it does matter.

Week 3 Wednesday 21/05/03 Big Al's Flyers 16 - 7 Usual Suspects
ALSAA. Att: 1
With Celtic playing in the UEFA Cup Final tonight? Shud we re-schedule?



So no victory chips for Celtic but we never got ours either.
Balde's Devastating Moment:New SS Mark's calls confused everybody but at least the infield knew what they shud be doing.

Week 4 Wednesday 28/05/03 Slammers 19 - 18 Big Al's Flyers
Zion Road, Rathgar. Att: 3
Slammer time, and plenty of it.
First trip of the year across the building site that used be me jewel and darlin' aul Dubbelin city. Getting stuck for ever in traffic and then waiting around in the rain for their 9th player to turn up meant that Colman's had stopped serving food before we got there to pay a euro to park in the car-park and get ripped off on the beer and crisps. The slug-fest on an error-friendly muddy pitch took a long enough without adding on time for Martin Long's KO, and recovering balls from the car-park, and balls and players from the jungle in RF. Big hits from Tony still wearing last night's hockey gear and Fiona Mc who vented her frustration with a late HR. Just to complete the time-wasting the city fathers decided to close the M1 half way along it without warning for the trip home.
McAllister's Moody Moment: What the Umpire didn't see: When Fiona Mc crashed into Martin Long (nearly knocking the big wuss out) AND was called out was he holding the ball or about to receive the ball, or had he already mis-fielded it, or did ball, player and runner all arrive at the same time; and did the ball actually hit the runner? We had the Flyer-cam on Fiona at the time. She took it home so I hope it's still ok. What did she ever do to Brian Walshe anyhoo?.
Devally's Devastating Moment:Kept his feet dry tonight by being a team player.

Week 5 Wednesday 11/06/03 Big Al's Flyers - Shutout 7
Postponed as a mark of respect. To be rescheduled.

Week 6 Wednesday 18/06/03 Big Al's Flyers 13 - 12 1Z Blazzers
ALSAA. Att: 4
Guest Reporter: #3. Any week now...
Devally's Devastating Moment:Can't let this go unreported.. Top of the last and Blazzers are coming back from nine down one run at a time. Two outs, runners on 1 and 2. Two strikes. Ball hit down the 3B line towards Ebbsie. Bounces twice. Rather than take the easy out he decides to let it go foul... Ball bounces again and goes straight over the base and Ebbsie watches it go sailing by. Runner on 2 scores.

Week 7 Wednesday 25/06/03 Oddsox Red 16 - 11 Big Al's Flyers
Bird Ave
And we would have got away with it if it wasn't for those pesky kids in RF and LCF...
Guest Reporter: #99. Must really check out the Flyer kitty and see if we can afford to buy the Flyer-copter for trips across grid-locked Dublin. Unless your driver doesn't mind making illegal right turns and turns a blind eye to the odd red traffic light…...
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….. The sun was shining, but it shone in our eyes. It hasn't rained for ages, so the ground was really hard and the softball travelled much faster. They hit well, we fielded badly. Their pitcher was crap, we swung at the rubbish anyway. Cora got bored not getting any play in RF (except for the over-throw to first she fished out of the bushes), Alison subbed on and got loads hit her way. Our fitness levels suffered from no training this week, resulting in Stuart the plate umpire beating Emer to first-base, calling her safe from RF.
So no victory chips for the Flyers, but the losing platter of prawn cocktail, pate and smoked salmon (this IS the south-side after all) went down a treat.
Devally's Devastating Moment:Was it our batting? Our fielding? Our didn't-want-to-be-here-anyway attitude? Or Betty's cock-up with the batting order? We'll blame Betty. (I blame Ebbsie for turning up late and leaving me in charge – A.M.)
Share the feeling:On Monday we sent Betty off to Santry Stadium armed with a marker to watch the Special Olympics Softball Throw competition and to write FLYERS on any ball he picked up. Betty didn't manage to steal the required number of softballs for the pre-match warm up. 12 of us, and one ball. We'll blame Betty again.
Debutante of the Day: Hanneke flew the first ever Dutch flag over the Flyer first base henceforth known as 'eerste honk'. We like the sound of that. Goed gadaan, Hanneke..

Week 8 Wednesday 02/July/03 Kiely's Kegs P - P Big Al's Flyers
Postponed to 14 July.

Week 9 Wednesday 9/July/03 Diamond Dogs 14 - 13 Big Al's Flyers
Sandymount. Att: 2 - Derv and her lover.
It's cat losing to the Dogs...
Sorry, I've got writers block. Must be the headache from all that whistling going on.
But a big welcome back to Paula for her first league game for the Flyers since Aug 13th 1996.
Devally's Devastating Moment:After Flyers scored 6 in the first we wanted to keep them scoreless if possible. Cue Ebbsie's throw to Right Field from 3B with bases loaded and runners moving.
Double Dutch: Hi, I'm Hanneke. I'm from Holland. I play shoftball for the Flyersh. My name ish alsho Hanneke. I am alsho from Holland and I alsho play shoftball, for the Dogsh. I shtruck out in the firsht inningsh. I alsho shtruck out in the firsht inningsh. Hanneke is not even a common name in Holland. I know thish, and in Holland basheball is called honkball.
Mark's farewell speech: 'You bunch of losers! I can't believe you made me lose my last f***ing game.' Enjoy Police Academy Mark.

Week 8 Monday 14/July/03 Kiely's Kegs P - P Big Al's Flyers
To be re-sceduled. That's grand, I've still got writers block.

Week 10 Wednesday 16/July/03 Usual Suspects 16 - 15 Big Al's Flyers
Sandymount. Att: 1
Guest Reporter: #99. Captains Log, Star date 071603.1900. The USS Flyers suffering a depleted crew, as a result of several special anomalies on the area - known as "REM Concert", "Sandymount is too far away" and "if I ignore the email calling me to the game, I can pretend I didn't see it", went about their difficult mission of bringing Northside Softball to the Southside.... cue music and twirly special effects while USS Flyers beam onto the pitch...
"My God, Spock – what is it?"
"Logic concludes, Captain, that we are witnessing the USS Flyers lose to the Usual Suspects in what appears to be the earth game of Softball"
"I don't understand – how could this happen?"
"It would appear Captain, that the USS Flyers' batting is what is commonly referred to in this part of the galaxy as 'brutal', their fielding doesn't seem to be so bad – a couple of great catches from Gary and Peter in the outfield, and the infield would appear to benefit from Cora's recently discovered extendo-arm on first base, even tho' she got burned by Martha from the Suspects. Although, logic would dictate that she deserved that one."
"But Spock, surely not all of the USS Flyers are batting so badly?"
"Indeed correct, Captain – Marian was batting 1.000 until somebody mentioned it to her and she choked. She is now also 'brutal'. Peter hit a home run after not having picked up a softball bat in over a year, and Fiona also added to her collection of home runs."
"But what does it all mean, Spock?"
"It means, Captain, that the USS Flyers are 4 and 4, and don't seem to be able to win a game south of the Liffey."
"My God, Spock – what's going to happen now?"
"Besides being safe from promotion to Premier I, it would appear they're all off to the pub to celebrate someone's birthday."
Devally's Devastating Moment:After doing our sums in the pub, we figured that not only have we lost every game we've played south of the Liffey, but every time Adrian misses a match we also lose. A connection?? Probably, but I've no time to work it out. We'll cut to the chase and blame Adrian.
Old Fogey of the Day:We opened up our "break glass in case of emergency" supply of fielders by taking Peter out, dusting him off and sending him out to centre field. Good to see you still have that magnet stuck in your glove, Peter!
Devally's Devastating Moment 2:Suspects winning run is on 2B with two outs. Let's bring the outfield right in so Niall can hit it over Fi...
Devally's Devastating Moment 3:Not using our substitute...

Week 11 Wednesday 23/July/03 Big Al's Flyers 14 - 16 Slammers
ALSAA. Att: 2 and Pennie the dog
Tony had the match report compiled in his head after our come-back fourth innings, a short one-liner along the lines of what Keano said to Alf Inge Haaland. But just when it looked like Betty might get his first win against the Slammers probably ever we manage to come up with another couple of throwing/catching errors to give them the runs they needed to take the game.
Without Magoo's calming influence the Slammers could barely contain the pressure of their promotion run so it was lucky we had top ump Anne Kiely to keep things under control. Difference was when our hitting was crap it was fly-ball crap – when they hit crap it was three-feet nurdles that got them on base. That and two good catches in the outfield.
Roll on our next meeting (the Cup on Aug 6th) and hopefully we'll have fun then, the way it used be. Remember?
Devally's Devastating Moment:Allison Devally turning up and kindly lending that cud-be-a-New-Zealander in LF her right-hand glove. Thanks a bundle for that diving catch.

Week 12 Wednesday 30/July/03 Shutout 7 10 - 9 Big Al's Flyers
Bleedin' Tallaght
Our first number is 1. That's the number of games we've won since the 21st of May.
Our second number is 5. That's how many runs we let in in the first innings.
Our third number is 4. That's how many home runs we scored in the first five innings, for a total of five runs.
Our fourth number is 42. On a scale of one to ten that's how p***ed off Adrian was.
Our fifth number is 2. That's how many game we have left on the North-side this year.
Our sixth number is zero. That's how many of us went to the pub after this game.
Play us, it could be you.
Devally's Devastating Moment:Deano on 1B and Ebbsie batting. Ebbsie sends it 3 feet into the air and it lands and spins back towards the foul line. Ebbsie doesn't move. So Deano doesn't move. Catcher and pitcher move. Catcher stops ball before it goes foul. Ebbsie starts to move. So Deano starts to move. Pitcher throws ball to 2B to get Deano out. 'Why didn't you run?' 'Why didn't YOU run?'

Week 13 Wednesday 13/Aug/03 1Z Blazzers 7 - 16 Big Al's Flyers
With two Oddsox teams playing at home tonight the race was on to get to O'Sheas first. Flyers are well ahead before they even notice. Gonzaga isn't exactly a school of hard knocks and there wasn't too many here tonight. Still, Flyers are happy with the win and Ebbsie's position as coach is safe for another week. Despite the fact that he missed training this week and Betty took charge but that probably has nothing to do with the win tonight. As they say at Gonzaga - Sempere Ibiza.
And hello - you Flyers who work for 'Dublin City Council' - can you let us know when you are going to close the bloody M1 before we drive home. Or at least a warning sign before the last turn before the closed bit. Flyers make full use of the time stuck in traffic to play Duffy's Circus fantasy softball.
Devally's Devastating Moment: Flyers are well ahead going in to the bottom of the fourth and Betty has switched off. Maybe it was the smell of the barbecue or the thought of victory chips. Is about to get ready to pitch when he realises he has forgotten to put his glove on.
Devally's Devastating Moment 2: Still in the bottom of the fourth with two outs and a two and two count against the batter. Betty's pitch is inside. Batter starts to swing but she stops when he goes 'Aaaahhh'.

Week 14 Wednesday 20/Aug/03 Big Al's Flyers 6 - 10 Oddsox Red
ALSAA. Att. 0
There are two basic rules of softball. 1. There's no crying in softball. 2. Ginger-haired people can't play softball. Now you can change rule 2 to "The Flyers can't bat". We only managed to place the ball in the outfield, and not within reach of Rua-Ri rightcentrefield@hotmail.com, three times. Our last 8 batters up couldn't even hit past the infield. Aie aie aie. This time sick-note Betty was the angry Flyer but coach Ebbsie stayed calm, confident we can win our last two games and survive. They said West Ham were too good to go down. That's all for after the Limerick competition. Did you know Gary's other last name is not 'fried chicken', but Ryan?
Devally's Devastating Moment: Unfair to pick on somebody when we all batted crap, except for Allison who got private batting lessons, so we'll give it to Fiona Mc for going on honeymoon.

Week 8 Tuesday 2/Sept/03 Kiely's Kegs 13 - 12 Big Al's Flyers
Er hat ein knallrotes Gummiboot. A popular German children's song. But mix it with a few litres of Fischer's Stiftungsbräu and Erdinger Weissbräu, a few thousand local Bavarians, a dozen Aer Lingus I.T. footballers, half a chicken, and an oompah band playing everything from AC/DC to Benny Hill, and strange things happen. Another summer ends, and another Herbstfest in Erding takes it's toll on the Flyers. Betty fails to show, Tony wishes he didn't, Alan B. is the top male batter, and the Kegs win their second game of the year.
Devally's Devastating Moment: Tony is on second base. Alison on first, one out, Ebbsie hits it to 3B who catches it. Tony's brain is still back in the beer tent and runs straight into the tag.

Week 5 Wednesday 3/Sept/03 Big Al's Flyers 34 - 4 Shutout 7
Flyers go batty.
An eerie mist rises from the pitches as we head to the bar and Shutout head back to the Scholars. There were reports of strange things happening. The Flyers batted well. The Flyers won. Got through the order, three times. Marion at catcher tagged a batter. Peter Doyle paid his subs. A newly married woman only back from her honeymoon five hours left her husband at home to come out to play. Emer 'thought' once about hitting right field. Strange days indeed. Flyers went into the bushes to try recover all the lost balls after the game and discover an adidas Champions League football. Had 'Real Madrid' written on it in marker but it's ours now.
Devally's Devastating Moment: Familiar one, with a twist. Ball hit to 3B and thrown to Right Field. Only Peter was on 3B and his throw was accurate. But SS Deano's legs and feet weren't communicating and he was flat on the ground.
Devally's Devastating Moment 2: Marion on 1B and Deano hits infield for an easy out on 2B. So the obvious thing for the batter to do in this situation would be to try rob second base.

Cup -

First Round
Wednesday 4/June/2003 Big Al's Flyers 9 - 19 Oddsox Green
ALSAA. Att: 3
Do do doodle doodle do do do do:
After the clowns in the infield started the show with their hilarious un-choreographed antics Ringmaster Ebbsie arrived to try take control and to introduce the rest of the acts. The Amazing Shaven-headed Strongman Garro made the crowd cheer with his big HR, and then groan as he could not hold on to a Ken Murphy cannon ball. The Incredible Shrinking Man Betto could not reach Mya's bloopy shot or the balls Doug hit back at him. His twin the Graceful Flying trapeze-artiste Bettina swung between first and second bases but ended up getting his wires crossed and crashing out to a tag by Olwen. Dare-devil duo motor-bike stuntmen Marko and Alano kept the crowd on the edge of their seats, Marko getting two dubious HRs with the aid of the safety net that was Brian Walshe's outfield skills. Marioni and Corarara (with a K) added to the suspense performing a death-defying balancing act between getting on base and getting out. As the whoops and cheers from the cheap seats grew louder the Mysterious Place-shifting Odssoxes eventually plucked up the courage to stick their head into the jaws of victory without panicking. But Ringmaster Ebbsie had more up his sleeve to delight the record crowd. Marco, Adriano, and Fionanini of Los Fabulosos Infielderz troupe, formerly known as Los Fabulosos Outfielderz troupe, did their thing to the bemusement of the crowd. Meanwhile the previous members of Los Fabulosos Infielderz showed they had more to offer. The Fantastico Deano, the greatest clown in history, despite wearing an invisible blindfold threw softballs left, right, over and under the strike-zone without ever hitting it. Tonio, el Grand Grin, tried to juggle while his assistant, the mysterious Emerza did nothing except stand around and smile and look pretty the way glamorous assistants do. As a grande finale the Stupendous Flyerzzzz did an amazing disappearing act, half before getting to the bar and the other half after one drink.
Devally's Devastating Moment:Somehow amongst the anarchy Allison produced a superstar performance at 2B. However this week's DDM was the car-park road-rage episode I didn't see so can't write about.
Competition time:While we chase our sponsorship money for the season here's your chance to get stuff offof Big Als.

Losers Cup -

First Round
Wednesday 6/August/2003 Big Al's Flyers 10 - 9 Slammers
ALSAA. Att: 0

Flyers lowest crowd of the season witnesses a Losers Cup shock on a hot still night at ALSAA.
With all the money HR King Ebbsie has saved by not having to buy victory chips in 2 months he could afford to splash out on a big victory platter to feed the large turnout. Even Ger turned up - he must've known it was photo night. We managed to keep enuf hits away from 2B and LF to get the runs, with Peter Doyle again being dragged out to hit in the winning two RBIs. Extra drinks were called for since none of us even went to the pub after the Shutout 7 defeat. Too much drink later the Flyers wimmen all started lying about their ages.
Just shows you what no training can do - maybe we were burned out.
Devally's Devastating Moment:There was nothing much going on beyond the usual half-assed throwing to the outfield and not throwing as far as 1B. So luckily Allison tried to start another bitch-fight with an opposition girly.
Bride of the Year:Best of Luck to Fiona and Mick.

Sunday 7/September/2003 Big Al's Flyers 11 - 10 Kiely's Kegs
'Neutral' ALSAA. 12.00
Extendo-arms Burke saves the day and scoops the biggest pay-day in Flyers history, except for the 80 bucks we won but haven't seen from the Triple-I. Drizzle plus slippery pitch times three outfielders plus right-fielder minus studs equals runs for the Flyers when they hit out of the infield. Which wasn't that often. Mark was in for sick-note Burnsie and showed how much it was possible to forget in two months. Top of the last innings, Flyers three runs down, Kegs have bases loaded, line drive to right field. A big catch is followed by Ebbsies never-to-be-remembered pep-talk. Something about when riding a run-away tiger sometimes the only way to stop is to fall off. Out we go to bat and Flyers stumble into the final...

Sunday 7/September/2003 Big Al's Flyers 14 - 21 Oddsox Red
'Neutral' ALSAA. 14.00
Sox drag out old git Farren for one last day in the sun/rain and we still can't beat them. Cometh the hour cometh crazy Dean to confuse/abuse his team-mates and take over the 'throwing the ball anywhere except the intended target' duty. A couple of two-out rallies by the Sox and coach Ebbs breaks his promise to bring silverware to the club in his first season. It was too wet for the open-top bus back to ALSAA anyhoo.
Devally's Devastating Moment: Adrian rightly takes the final DDM of the year by becoming too injured too soon and using up our only sub when it was needed elsewhere. The End.

Tournaments -

Flyers Blitz. 23-May-2003
Every team showed up at the start, even though it was raining. Fair play to them, have they no life? Rain stopped and we got going. Started with a come-back win against Blazzers and then we faced AIB. Junior up first and he struck out. Lost this one, and then lost by only a run to Dodder. Last up before lunch was the Suspects who we beat in every variation of game we played. Lunch time was rained off and we got going again late against Marlay (loss), Oddsox (loss) and finished against Renegades (win). Somehow during the day the Suspects beat Marlay and Dodder. Sun came out for the final. Oddsox borrowed Michelle from Marlay and objected when Dodder with Paul McGrath borrowed Badger. Dean rejected their objection. So either way Marlay would win a bit of the Flyers blitz. Again. Oddsox got winning run and Brian Walshe accepted the trophy and thanked us for keeping this long-running blitz going. Oddsox have won the trophy twice now, Dodder just the once but then again were banned for many years for some long-forgotten reason. Long night in the bar where Trevor from the Suspects provided the entertainment while Trisha tried to take photos with a phone.

III. 5/6-July-2003
Early start saw us lose to the Dogs but we laughed that one off. Sure we'd beat them in the league next week and we'd be safe for the season. And we got shiny new yellow balls. Next up the Suspects were short a guy so that was the last the Bax and the Flyers saw of Betty for 24 hours. Won't mention Linda Davis' deliberate drop at SS, she is still apologising for it. Stayed a while in ALSAA watching some Yankee/Red Sox DDMs and waiting for Alan to wake up.
Cut to Sunday morning post party and Betty was still with the Suspects and striking out all the big hitting Flyers in their morning match. Lunchtime heralded water and beer fights between the teams with Trish upsetting some of the old Yanks over for the weekend. Plate quarterfinal drew the Flyers and Suspects against each other AGAIN and Flyers minus Betty came out on top. Semi-final was against Dublin Bay Packers who needed to borrow a guy so off went Betty again. There was a mass on in the graveyard next to the pitch. The game went to a third extra innings. Packers had two on with two outs and Betty stepped up to the plate. The sounds of Halleluiah came from afar and the Flyers prayers were answered when he popped out to 1B. Plate final against Marlay. Manager Deano handed Betty the green jersey. Tight game all the way with plenty being caught in the outfield. Flyers took the lead in the top of extra innings and game was so tight they thought it might be enough. But although Cora at 1B snagged Badgers low line drive with one out and two on the DP didn't happen. Still, we won 80 bucks.

Suspects Blitz. 9-Aug-2003
Our form of late some-how got worse. 8th out of 8 in the tournament, 7th out of 7 in the karaoke and we couldn't even win the Sportsmanship award.
Starting off early playing in an oven the festive clad Oddsox showed no spirit of good-will by beating us 34-3 when we had given up long before. During the break we planned for next year by planting banana, beer, and donut trees. A win against the Kegs put us in danger of ending in the top half so a moral defeat to the symbols, Patrick the umpire robbed us and we fell asleep listening to his explanation, meant that thanks to our 31-run deficit from game 1 we got the Plate entry. We still hadn't played the Suspects and weren't going to now since they qualified in the top two in their group. Not playing the Suspects? Who organised that? By lunchtime Cora and Paula had suffered too much in the sun and Mark had to go. AIB had only two girls so borrowed 3 quite good ones. Someone from a different game caught the ball in his eye in our outfield and the game finished early. For the seventh/eighth place playoff against the Kegs we borrowed two Ireland Dodders but Vanessa needn't have worried. A few walks in the bottom of the last saw them home.
A rapid exit by Hanneke meant she never got to sing so Ebbsie bravely seized his chance so show his talents as a coach are matched only by his singing. Just when you figure softball can't get any worse it rained on us going out to the car, after the hottest, driest week of the year. Thanks Jaz, Enrique, Muireann W., Figs, Erin and Shane/Dwayne for ... well you didn't help us win any games.
Some photos from the day are on Webshots.com under da_flyaaz

IOST Limerick Blitz. 23/24-Aug-2003
Limericks for Limerick
, by Cora Burke.
There once was a team from the airport
Who went down to Limerick to play sport
They were crap at the game
So to handle the shame
In UL the Flyers held court.

We lost two on Saturday morning
A Sluggers and Mockingbirds warning
Then Angel took charge
And our hitting got large
Dirtbirds, Dogs & Kegs had us scoring

Al Brennan at practise was pitching
His strikes at the plate were bewitching
Dean started to moan
So E sent him home
'Til his hangover pain started shifting

We struggled against U.L.
At batting they did very well
Soon the playing was done
And our day in the sun
Was toasted with beers as night fell

At the party that night in The Stable
We were drinking as much as we were able
Then Ado was top dog
When he ordered Fat Frog
Soon there's green drink on every table

We had a copper called Mark
Who chatted up girls for the lark
But Tony and Garry
Just hadn't the savvy
To score with the girls after dark

Barbara was with us from Bray
And she took the girls out to play
I'm not talking Paula
Hanneke, Allison or Cora
But somehow she got her own way...
(Ask Babs about this one, folks!)

The next day our heads weren't great
And we weren't softballing 'til late
But we got badly Slammered
Then U.S. had us hammered
We fell out of the race for the plate

The Flyers all started for home
Leaving 4 of us left on our own
We went dancing but instead
We fell into bed
Our last play was finally thrown.

And if anyone out there knows all the words to "My name is Fat Frog and I live in a swamp..." Mail us, and we'll give you free access to our website.