2002 Results And Fixtures


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Week 1 Wednesday 17/04/02 Big Al's Flyers - Marlay Martyrs B

To be re-arranged. Thank God, it's lashing.
We still haven't worked out a date but it won't be before 20 May. report 20 May

Week 2 Wednesday 24/04/02 Big Al's Flyers 8 - 7 Oddsox Gold
Seven habits of highly effective softballers (with acknowledgements/apologies to Covey)
1. Turn up for matches (or 'be proactive' as the gurus say): We had 12, so batted 12. It wasn't til the 5th innings before someone says 'we never win when we bat twelve'. Deano can't make it he was overtired from working too much and went home to bed at lunchtime. Never happened much in his TEAM or FLS days.
2. Turn up for training (in expert speak 'begin with the end in mind'): Ahem. Next Monday 6.00pm. And I'll try not to scare away any more potential recruits.
3. Put first base on first base: Did this, and Erin nailed the throw to 3rd for the Barney Rubble. Tony did his bit by holding onto everything - ball and runner.
4. Win, win, win: Just about.
5. Seek first to stop the ball then to throw the ball: Big hand for James for keeping big hits to RCF down to singles. And Yvonne and Ebbsie for grabbing line drives.
6. Smack the ball: Doing it right: Adrian with a lead-off homer, Cora with a 2 RBI single and Fiona Mc with a switch hit RF drive in the 7th to tie the game. And kudos for Marian for taking walks when they were offered. And to new kids Gary and Derval who only batted. Doing it wrong: Here's a picture I thought I could keep and dust down later in the season if needed.
7. Going to the bar: Check. For physical, mental, social and spiritual renewal, and victory chips.

Devally's Devastating Moment: Tight game, bases loaded, two outs. You don't wanna strike out. Twice. Ebbsie standing there looking, Betty swinging and tapping it foul off the end of the bat choke choke choke.
They think it isn't all over: Scores tied bottom of the last with 2 outs and runner on third. Tony is up. Hits it straight to second baseman who fields it cleanly. Flyers reach for their gloves for extra innings. Tony sprints for 1, runner on 3B takes off. 'Home, Home, Home(??)' shout the infield. 2B looks at home. Flyers drop their gloves and runners keep going. 2B cops on, throws it to 1B just as Tony gets there. 1B drops ball before umpire makes a call. Ex-Blazzer SS finally goes quiet. It is now.

Week 3 Wednesday 01/05/02 Big Al's Flyers - Renegades
To be re-arranged. report 10 June.

Week 4 Wednesday 15/05/02 Stanley Warriors 17 - 11 Big Al's Flyers
St Anne's Park

First we had no Erin or Dean. The dog ate one and my granny used the other to light the fire. Next, pitching: The distance was too far, the strike zone was tiny, and their match ball was covered in some sticky stuff so you couldn't let go of it. So the weak hitters like PB got walks and big-hiters like Gaz hit homers that brought in the runs that made the diference. In the infield SS Swiss Tony Burns was still sipping Gin and Slimline Tonics in the Airport bar at 6.30 instead of warming up pitch-side. Apart from that we were nearly as bad as they were. Outfield didn't get the breaks. Hitting was disrupted a bit by the umpire fecking our bats at us and then throwing our bats on top of our other bats. What was that about? So we ended up hitting it high to an outfield where everybody could catch instead of low to an infield where nothing would happen. Somehow we got 11 runs and kept the scores close til the 4th. This was terrible Muriel.
Devally's Devastating Moment: On a night where there was much to choose from Derval's hit to 3B in the second that saw him tip it with his glove when it looked kinda foul lead to all sorts of panic. But not from Derval who thought it was foul and stopped then walked on a bit and stopped and walked another bit etc etc while Yvonne on one ran a bit, came back, ran a bit, came back etc etc while their 3B was doing nothing useful with the ball. Ended up with the ball thrown to 2B, Yvonne and Derval both on 1B and Derval still holding the bat. But you shoulda seen what they were doing in the Junior game next door.

Week 1 rescheduled Monday 20/05/02 Big Al's Flyers 6 - 12 Marlay Martyrs B

After the match in the Flyers blitz between the two teams ended 2-1 to Marlay Flyers decided to make it more interesting this time by shipping 9 runs in the first innings. After that things settled down until Flyers scored four in the bottom of the last. In between the innings were a lot shorter than the grass and even shorter than an LSA Director's or IBSF President's term in office even after all the crap at the various AGMs last winter. Work committments prevent me from doing any additional reporting. Yours in softball, me.

Best excuse this week: Derval, who went to an Enrique Iglesias concert instead. But she's only small so it's ok.
Training Drill of the week: Heimlich Manoeuvre, so next time someone bats with bases loaded and two outs he doesn't choke.

Week 5 Wednesday 22/05/02 1Z Blazzers 13 - 18 Big Al's Flyers
Gonzaga, Ranelagh
Flyers Get Dirty and the Pitching was Muck. Flyers gave themselves a fright by batting through the order in the first two innings. Then we gave ourselves a fright by letting them back in towards the end with plenty of walks. We frightened them too on a pitch made for sliding with hard running and slides, some more graceful than others. And by tagging them where the sun don't shine. After the rain the sun did shine, low into right field blinding everyone but eventually we struggled home.
McAllister's Moody Moment: The umpire and the rule-book fell foul of a fiery Fiona tonight. Leading off in the second with a comfortable stand-up triple she decided to ignore the base coach and go for glory. The girlie delight when she got home was soon dashed by being called out for running home standing up as the ball was thrown to the catcher who was behind the plate. Cruel.

Week 6 Wednesday 29/05/02 Big Al's Flyers 18 - 8 Shutout 7
Who says training is a waste of drinking time? Two hours of training in the rain on Monday paid off handsomely. With the pitching and batting restored and the outfield not letting much drop things went swimmingly for 4 innings and we took a 15-3 lead. Then 6 inspired substitutions a la Kegs game last year and we fell apart briefly. Wild throws around the new-look infield with husband/wife O'Gorman combo on the corners let 5 score. A brief rain break later we came out to finish the game and get soaked doing it, dragging Erin back out into the rain to end her Flyers career.
Devally's Devastating Moment:Deano comes to the plate with bases loaded, Emer on 1. Trying to impress the newly-returned Flyer he picks his hole - a nice little dink over 3B into the gap LF has left. Instead he pops it 10ft into the air back to the pitcher for an in-field fly.
Fancy Stat:Emer, who has now realised her silly silly mistake of going to the dark side, made her debut for the Jets nine years minus two days previous to her return tonight. We're glad you're back.
Erin, in her last game, was tagged after ovrerunning 2B and then fouled out in her last at-bat. She'll always be a Flyer. Have a ball Erin. We signed it.

Week 3 rescheduled Monday 10/06/02 Big Al's Flyers 10 - 5 Renegades

The 'Emergency Use Only' glass was broken as we ran out of pitchers. With Betty on hols and Deano doing his back in it was time to call in the old guard after one innings. Peter Doyle from one of our founding families played his first game since the 1997 promotion play-off against the Butts and it was like he was never away. Many of the Flyers had never seen him before. 'The legends are true' they gasped in amazement as the Art Garfunkel look-a-like helped the Flyers ease to victory.

Week 7 Wednesday 12/06/02 Big Al's Flyers 13 - 4 Slammers
Doyler continued his rehabilitation and held the Slammers scoreless for 6 innings. Then the rain came and he worried more about his natural curls getting ruined, letting the Slammers score 4 in the last. Slammers missed most of their team from last week's cup match. Victory put the Flyers at the wrong end of the division but Betty's return next week should scupper any promotion prospects. The committee are examining Ebbsie's expense report, who authorised a victory platter instead of the victory chips the monkeys are normally happy to eat?
Devally's Devastating Moment:Ebbsie reaches 1B on a single and runs into Ray. Turning around he sees the ump has his arm outstretched and so wanders off slowly to second. Both teams go quiet and try to figure out what he's up to. Three steps from 2B the Slammers SS tags him anyway. Umpire calls 'Out'. Ebbsie is still explaining it all to anyone who'll listen. Ask him about it next time you meet him.

Week 8 Wednesday 19/06/02 Marlay Martyrs B 23 - 12 Big Al's Flyers
Marlay Park
On the night of ten thousand midges I managed to get some revenge by eating two of them. We were getting edgy with no sign of Adrian until a warm-up injury to Marie off the Martyrs delayed the game enuf. As somone predicted Adrian picked up the bat in the second and hit a homer straight off. We had let the rot set in straight away tho like the last couple of times we played them and they scored something like 12 in the first two innings. Ebbsie looked at strike three in the first and when he got on in the sixth got it into his brain there were two outs as Emer popped it into LF. He was 'safely' at third as LF threw it back to 1B. Gary was suckered by the fake throw from Badger trying to go from 2B to third. With nothing happening in RF coach made a tactical move to switch Cora and Fiona for the bottom of the sixth only for PJ to line drive one out there where Fi made a great catch. We toddled off to the Eden to compare our pin cushion arms and heads and agree that we had had fun but that driving around the hills at the end of the M50 trying to find the place was a lot better. See I'm trying to pick the things I want to remember, even the bad ones cos there's plenty to try and forget. Here's something I tore out of a paper once.
Match balls sponsored by:Oddsox Green and Blazzers.

Week 9 Wednesday 3/07/02 Oddsox Gold 8 - 19 Big Al's Flyers
CUS, Bird Avenue, Clonskeagh (a school even Gonzaga boys consider namby-pamby ponces)
We rocked! Even with no Fiona Mac and only 4 gals we spanked them. Derval made her first catch, Cora caught one behind the plate and Betty caught one saving not only his youthful good looks but his whole head. 3B Ebbsie made nearly every out coming his way and Emer made three great stretches for outs at 1B with one instant tag of the runner. With the bats Mark, Yvonnne and Betty were doing worse than Miss auto-out until they got going in our 8-run fifth. Early on we got our runs in singles and on errors, Ebbsie ignoring base coach Dean to go home from second on an infield hit. You can't stop a freight train. Tony was 4for4 with two massive HRs before being called out at first in the 7th on a rotten call that even Sox 1B Leannemasters was disgusted with. Emer hit one over LCF for the first Flyers female HR in ages and nearly died. For Oddsox Ruari hit most of the runs in apart from the DDM below and made sure we got to the Goat early by being tagged in the last. Manager was so happy he bought a double round of victory chips.
DDM#1:Oddsox guy sent back to the car-park to get match report. Comes back with a ball. Ball has BatPak written on it. Umpire (Tim from the BatPak) takes the ball and sends player back for a match report.
DDM#2:(Works best to the tune of The Little Spanish Flea). Ball hit to 3B. Surely an out is fractions of a second away. Bet now! Betting ends! No! Ebbsie doesn't field this one, ball hits his foot and goes behind him into foul territory. SS Tony chases it. Runner goes for two. Is he mad? Bet now. Betting ends! Tony picks up ball and gets set to throw. Runner is gonna be safe so Tony decides not to throw. Too late! A disconnected neuron means his hand has already let go the ball which travels three feet and rolls towards 2nd base. Tony and Betty (P) chase it. Runner goes for 3B. Is he crazy? Surely his luck will run out? Bet now! Betting ends! Tony picks up ball and flicks it sideways to 3B in one movement. Oh No! Ball goes ten feet wide of Ebbsie for an overthrow and runner gets home.

Week 10 Wednesday 10/07/02 Renegades 5 - 15 Big Al's Flyers
St. Anne's Park, Watermill Road
Look Out, there's a freight train a comin.
The Flyers Express pulled into St Anne's last night and by the time all twelve engines and carriages reached Harry Byrnes Central 2 hours later another game was won. Chug chug chug. After an initial spurt we couldn't build up speed and only the unstoppable Ebbsie freight train from 2B to Home Plate made the arrivals board until the 6th when all the runs came together. As we eased into Victory Junction Deano was brought out of the wreckers yard but after several people had to walk he was put straight back and Betty pulled up to take the game home. The Devally locomotives chugged and puffed but never made it down the tracks to 1B so Adrian was withdrawn from service early to be replaced by Gary who went long distance. With the sun shining at Home Plate station Mark decided to walk a bit instead. Tony the TGV went as fast as he could and reached 1B safely in record time. And didn't leave platform 3B early despite some people standing around claiming he had. Renegades had all aboard a few times with the gals availing of free rides to 1B when the boys walked but everybody was left stranded by Betty. Fiona didn't bother using her free pass and later suffered damage to her rear end when she crashed into Home Plate station but thankfully everybody was safe. Signal failures meant not everything stopped at 1B for Emer, Derval shunted the ball around 2B for the three outs in one inning and nothing at all arrived at the remote Coraburke station. At the end of the day the Fat Controller went home very happy. The end.
Congrats to:The record breakers.
Good Luck to:Annacurra camogie team on Sunday.

Week 11 Wednesday 17/07/02 Big Al's Flyers 5 - 9 Stanley Warriors
Sore losers:
The four runs that made the diference came in the top of the first before we found out we weren't going to bat tonight. When we did get on base we forgot a few of the do's and don'ts of baserunning. Cora played through the pain of her 40th birthday celebrations and made her catches while Betty sat out in a heap. Luckily Fiona only needs one hand to bat as a leftie. Apart from those 4 runs both teams were fairly matched, both Alison and their 2B played well and made heaps of outs, both teams ran themselves into trouble, both teams hit inconsistently and both teams whacked a runner on the head in an attempted tag. Oh sorry that last bit was just them. Tony needed the extra pain. Anyway, Triple I coming up so happier hangovers to look forward to.
DDMs:Was it Peter Doyle running into a hit ball, Mark running into Cora in the outfield, or Gary appearing at the base Cora was standing on. Or was it the whole game.
Good Luck to:Annacurra camogie team on Sunday. It worked last week so hope it does it again for the final. Just mind your hand will you.

Week 12 Tuesday 20/07/02 Big Al's Flyers 12 - 2 1Z Blazzers
Rescheduled for Tuesday, 30 July. After 2 innings the score against the 9-man Blazzers was 11-2 and the smell of victory chips was already filling the air. When they moved their outfield female to CF instead of RF it took a long time for some of us to notice. Tony and Gary flied out to RF. Betty noticed half way through his swing at the first pitch and with bases loaded and two outs popped up to the infield. Again. Cora, who is not 40 yet, spent the night in LCF and got nothing hit at her there either. Emer and Cora both swung at crap and missed for Ks, Tony had special contact lenses that made him see invisible runners at 2B but eventually we got the game finished to end our home schedule. Might have got to the bar earlier if somebody had told coach we were the home team and had to field first.

Week 13 Wednesday 21/08/02 Shutout 7 4 - 21 Big Al's Flyers
Bleedin' Tallaght
Trailing 1-0 after the first Flyers took over in the 3rd with 12 runs and should have ordered the victory chips there and then. Instead they mostly kept batting for fun and got to the Scholars well after 8.00pm when they stopped doing food. Shutout 7 didn't delay them too long in the field apart from two big HR's. Fiona Mc was back from her holidays and in Hibernia form going 5 for 5 and showing Dean how to slide properly. Marion was back from injury, James and Ger were back because of injuries to Ebbsie and Gary and for once all the ladies turned up making fielding positioning and rotating far too complicated for a coach with more things on his mind. Like how would our girls look in those short tight shorts. This batting 12 lark nearly undid us when Dean was injured but he batted on cos he had to. No DDMs. No Gender Blitz this weekend either.

Week 14 Wednesday 28/08/02 Slammers 12 - 10 Big Al's Flyers
The rain gods mocked the Flyers tonight by easing up around 7:00pm as Betty desperately tried to get the game postponed to next week when we might have ten players. The umpire god also mocked the Flyers by calling Emer out on a very high strike three in the first. Then the hitting gods got in on the act by decreeing that Magoo should score a 3-run HR with two out in the bottom of the inning and Betty rapidly lost faith in everything when they scored three more to finish with 10 runs. Then a miracle of sorts started to unfold a the Flyers started scoring runs and narrowed the lead every innings until the gods of darkness called a halt after 5 innings. Off to Comans where the Slammers celebrated turning a 1-6 record into a winning season by sharing victory platters with a frenzied mob of hungry Flyers. Off to Cork for some, off to the Erding Beer Festival for others. Thanks for dropping in, see you next year.
Happy 30th Birthday:Ebbsie sits out the game so he can concentrate on the scran later.

Cup -

Sunday 14/04/02 Big Al's Flyers 31 - 8 Beachers
Qualifying Round
Well that should be the Cup campaign over for another year. All we need is a walkover in the next round and then byes 'til August when we'll gracefully excuse ourselves of further participation and concentrate on league survival, promotion or mid-table obscurity. An early injury to one of them didn't help a team who are probably good customers at Flander's Leftorium store.

Devally's Devastating Moment: Coach realises we haven't covered throws to home in training this year. Adrian wasn't involved so I can't name names but I'll give you a number - 12.

Sunday 14/04/02 Oddsox Gold 11 - 18 Big Al's Flyers
Qualfiying Round
"Neutral" Flyers Home Pitch
Like deja vu all over again we use the whupping sticks early on and then last night's antics catch up with us. At least Tony turned up for this one (still wearing his pyjamas) and debuts as short-stop. Plays a blinder so it looks like theirs life after that guy who played there last year, young what's-his-name, 'Juvenile' or something.

DDM: Coach realises we didn't practice throws to home during the break after the last game.

Tuesday 7/05/02 Blazzers 10 - 8 Big Al's Flyers
Round 3
Gonzaga College, Ranelagh
The form guide suggested your spread bet went on a victory feast for the Blazzers rather than victory chips for the Flyers. We arrived with nine players and eight gloves, three new players and Alison who practically drove straight from Holles Street after delivering sprog number 2. The infield picked itself but then that left coach with the three new players for the outfield, three non-drinking new players. Mick Jacobs must be spinning in his grave. I assume he's dead. So Tony went to CF and played a blinder despite the distraction going on behind him. When there's fit girls playing rugby behind you and you hear a girlie cry of 'You've ripped my pocket and now everybody can see my arse' how are you meant to care about the next hit coming your way. The Gonzaga old-boy (class of '94, the swots who paid for the school stone) also chipped in with a huge home run to get us too close for comfort. Fittingly for such a southside venue bad light stopped play just before they were going to hockey us. Speaking of hockey Betty displayed an unhealthy knowledge of Southside girl's schools hockey colours. No DDM to report. Maybe Cleat-less Mark's base coaching techniques which involved asking their 1B what she was wearing under her tracksuit. Did nothing for team relations but plenty for our morale.

Tuesday 4/06/02 Big Al's Flyers 10 - 15 Slammers
Round 4
Originally scheduled for a few hours after we play Germany like. What langer thought this one up?
Red Ball: Your round. Yellow Ball: So are you.
O'Hurley: Okily doke. Well the Flyers beaten there and can I put it to you Johnnie Styles that was a poor, poor performance by Big Al's.
Stylesie: Well no I wouldn't say that Bull. They had a bad start with a few errors giving up runs but the Slammers batted well too.
O'Hurley: Eamoan Grumpy, would you agree the Flyers missed Erin?
Grumpy: I'd never agree with you Bull (all laugh). Nooooahhww, noahhw, noooahw. Erin is a good player, not a great player. But she's an honest player. I'm glad the Flyers lost and I hope they lose next week too. They were amateurish Bull, amateurish.
O'Hurley: Alright, alright. Johnnie?
Stylesie: They have spirit Bull, and spunk, and that goes a long way. Eh, when you don't have any useful players. The Erin thing is history now. Flyers had a good spell around the 3rd and 4th innings scoring five and then getting Slammers out 1, 2, 3. But they didn't make it count and that's what you have to do at this level.
O'Hurley: So all in all, Eamoan, Flyers will have to improve for the league game next week. What can they do?
Grumpy: Nothing Bull. People like me and Johnnie Styles played the game and we know. What the Flyers need will be sitting at home next Wednesday watching Dawson's Creek... etc etc yawn yawn.

Wednesday 26/06/02 Big Al's Flyers 9 - 8 Mockingbirds
Round 5
A late surge of injuries and illnesses left us with 4 blokes and big gaps in the outfield. Three up, three down by them in the top of the first however and the smell of victory chips was in the air so we got the salt and vinegar ready. Thirty minutes later panic had set in and Derval was subbed out for not tagging up. Trailing 8-6 going into the bottom of the sixth we finally take the lead before Mr Auto-out gets to the plate. Good to see James back around the place. Don't know if it's good news or bad news that Muireann can beat him in a race up the stairs now.
Quote: 'Keep the force on'. 3B Ebbsie explains why he didn't finish the game with a DP when there were runners on 2 and 1 and ball hit to him on three.
Devally's Devastating Moment:'We are losing?' Bottom of the sixth and Marion shows she has failed to grasp the significance of Betty giving a team talk after the fifth. Then she knocks in the lead run.

Tuesday 6/08/02 Oddsox Green 20 - 4 Big Al's Flyers
Quarter Final
After a bit of a spanking last night the Flyers eagerly await the draw for the semi-finals to see if we are still in this competition. With hardly any money coming in at the gates and no TV deals us smaller clubs are finding it more and more difficult to compete with the big boys of Premier I. Thirteen runs in the 4th innings put them out of sight while we auditioned for the circus in the Goat's car-park and didn't have the Joker to play and cancel their score. Marion batted twelfth and didn't field, despite the pleas of all the other girls. The Greens hardly had to get out of first gear and helped us get to the bar early by hitting whatever rubbish we pitched.
Devally's Devastating Moment:Top of the first and Garry hits weakly down the 3B line. Doug fields it and slips on his ass. We smelled an unlikely victory. But then they got better.
Devally's Devastating Moment#2:Brain Walshe on 1B. Ball hit down the middle. Pitcher misses it. Tony at SS dives and stops ball. Ball squirms away. Tony has foot on the bag and is flapping around on the ground. 2B Alison picks up ball, Tony grabs Alison, Brain Walshe slides into 2. Why isn't he out?

Blitzes -

Sat. 29/06/02 Usual Suspects Blitz
Flyers take the Sportsmanship trophy again after bowing out of the final. Early start in the cold saw defeats to BatPak, AIB and our hosts before lunch. Second time around we beat the Suspects in our reverse game, then borrowed Leanne from the Oddsox and beat the Kegs 25-0. Borrowed Erin for the last group game but lost to Oddsox Gold plus a few Dodder. Fun went out the window when Mark was called out first at bat for shouting abuse at himself. Rather than play a final aginst the Sox we went to the bar early and let them have the plate while we got the beer tankard. Betty showed how much he doesn't know on subjects from Norse Gods to Scottish Queens and ended up penniless instead of a Millionaire. Best performance by Flyers were Alison, Emer and Betty for the Blazzers when they beat Dodder. Striking out both Concannons, catching a Ken McCarthy line drive at 2B and getting Paddy out in a run down.

Sat/Sun 20-21/07/02 Triple I
Day one. It's 9 am and only 4 teammates are here. Rest of the Flyers plus Celine and Brid from the Renegades eventually arrive. Some had wandered over to the Blazzers pitch fooled by their green shirts. 9.25 am. Mark is still drunk and the Kegs need to borrow a player. Mark is nominated by all the teammates. 9.35 am. Gary, Adrian and Tony have scored home runs and Ebbsie has struck out twice. 11 o'clock. Dean and Ger arrive. the Kegs and the Dogs have been beaten. The teammates have also won every game of rock/paper/scissors. 12.30. Having beaten the Oddsox Gold the boys play football and then go off for more beer and McDo's. Gary, Adrian and the girls play a game for an OddB mix. 4.15. The teammates are already in the bar after losing our last game to Marlay B. 10.30 pm. The girls are gone to the party, the boys are still in ALSAA making great plans. 1 o'clock a.m. Adrian and Alison are gone to bed, the reat of the teammates are in town at the party. Day 2. 10 o'clock. Game time and three Flyers are at the pitch. 10.20 They get going against the Blazzers. Tony has been nominated to play for them and hits a HR over Gary and then tags out Ebbsie at home. 12 o'clock. Dean and Ger are still in bed. The team are getting hammered by a packed OddB team. Adrian can't move, James has caught a ball on his thumb and Gary has fallen over on his ankle. Now everybody is getting sunburnt too. 12.45, and the teammates are eating pizza from their shopping allowance. 3 o'clock and the Flyers are evicted after their third defeat of the day, a devastating loss to Marlay B. The Plate is won by an ObbB team of internationals and Premier I players who would have been in the Cup if they were around yesterday. That really should be sorted out for the next tournament.

Sat/Sun 31Aug-1Sep02 Corl Blitz Surely one of the Top 100 Irish Blitzes of all time, directed by Cora Burke, The Flyers are proud to present Corkablanca.