Chapter 3
Chapter 5

After lunch, we had two more games – Shut out 7 and some other team. I don't remember what the other team was called, because I ate that page of my diary. I remember not getting much play throughout the entire day. My threats to catch the ball with my teeth and eat it whole were obviously taken to heart by the organisers. And they thought the Flyers just stole the oppositions' softballs and quickly converted them with a marker. Nah – we just ate them.

During the games, we had spotted a team carrying what looked like pizza boxes. “Arm torpedoes!” I cried, “Aim for the people – don't ruin the pizzas!” The Slammer gunmen aimed the water-balloon launcher and fired. We missed. “Play it again, Slam!” I roared, as we fired again. But all was in vain. We couldn't capture a single pizza.

Our attempts to infiltrate the Suspects weren't going to plan either. They had no food – just plenty of cigarettes on offer, which I gladly accepted in an attempt to stave off the hunger.

After a long day of hunting, we headed back to Isaac's Place. There was a party planned for that night. “Great!” we thought, “maybe they'll have food at it!” Not leaving anything to chance, we had a couple of pizzas before we got there bright and early and before anyone else arrived to eat the food. Disaster! They had no food! We'd have to spend the entire evening starving! James did his best to get us through the night by making the balloons into pizza slices, hamburgers, sandwiches, chickens and even dogs. It worked for a while (or was that the beer), but soon we had to leave, picking up a few bags of chips on the way.