Chapter 2
Chapter 4

I woke early the following morning, because I was starving. I was bunking with Barbara, who nearly had the leg chewed off the table with hunger, waiting for me to wake up. We headed down to breakfast, where Isaac had sacrificed a couple of pigs in our honour. We ate until we were full.

Hunger temporarily at bay, we headed off to Bishopstown. The gathering was a Softball Tournament – perfect – we could blend in easily and eat our way through the day..

The first game was versus Batpak didn't go our way. Breakfast had worn off, and the snack-truck hadn't got anything ready. Adrian and Alison's emergency chocolate rations were savaged. The first 2 scouts to infiltrate the Suspects came back empty handed. By now it was 10:30. We needed to find food quickly.

Urged on by our hunger pangs, we played Catch 22 and Indigo, winning both games. We knew the more runs we got, there quicker we'd win, and the quicker we'd win, the quicker the game would be over, and the quicker the game was over, the quicker we'd all get to the shop for more food. It worked. No sooner had the blue called “ball game” we were in our cars, belting as fast as we could to the local Centra. Tara was so hungry, she bought and ate a whole chicken. Cora's salad sandwich contained the entire salad bar. Marian was so hungry, she even ate sandwiches made with butter.