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Flyers League Season - Premier Division

Week 1.
1 May 07. Flyers 10 - 35 BatPak
ALSAA, 7pm.
Boom Time over.
Having posted negative figures for the first time in 20 months, an expert warned today that the good times could be over for the Flyers. ‘We witnessed a slowdown at the end of 2006’, softball analyst Ian Clarke commented, ‘and going forward I forecast a short to medium term turnaround’.
Last September a NPTSUBAIBoI(Scotireland) end of season report said something like the ‘bubble was softening’ and warned that record spending on victory chips in 2006 could not be maintained. Fears that SSIA payouts in May 2007 could lead to demand for victory platters at a time when the ECB was raising the price of lending were also expressed. While the price of chips was still high last season the trend was downwards in the third quarter and future growth was not forecast. The report concluded that it would take other factors – a pregnancy in the outfield for example, or the loss of half their gear after Limerick - to cause a crash, adding that neither seemed likely in the short term.
While few predict a hard landing Clarke isn’t so confident. ‘Woo they’re gonna crash and burn’ he said, adding ‘The end is nigh, I’m talking Armageddon baby’.
Clickity click: From Adrian’s shoulder to Cora’s rubik cube knees to Ann’s everything Flyers are creaking like something that does a lot of creaking. 3-in-1 cod liver oil needed for the kit bag.
Devally's Devastating Moment: He always gets the first one – a groin strain is NOT what we needed at this stage of the season.

Week 2.
15 May 07. Oddsox Green 41 - 3 Flyers
Bird Ave, 7pm.
In danger of losing their deposit...
Game 2 of their 3-game pre-season getting-to-know-you sessions with Premier and coach Devally sets himself the task of what to do when the chips are really down. Worst case scenario - we only have 3 guys. Find someone's boyfriend who doesn't already play for us or another team. Register them. Tell them to go buy a pair of trainers cos they're so sporty they don't own a pair. Stick them in right field in a three man outfield. Get spanked.
What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. What does kill us is having no players available this week.
Devally's Devastating Moment: Oh just everything this week.

Week 3.
22 May 07. Flyers 2 - 21 Dodder Dynamoes
ALSAA, 7pm.

Coach Devally finally rests himself but puts out anotherwise first X team who manage to get 28 at-bats in 7 innings. On-deck Betty had disappeared into the nettles wearing blue rubber gloves by the time the final out came and everyone was afraid to ask.
Dodder's Derek and Janice seem to be discussing human kinetics with Cora over a beer after the game. The story of Uncle Jack Burke and his adventures in New Zealand gets told before the kids go to bed. If you're good they might be continued another night...
Fig Newtons law of diminishing returns: Such was the mega importance of this game Erin Commins left her NEO Lady Norse go to the Nationals in Florida on their own so she could play against her former teammates. Welcome back. Lose the accents.
Devally's Devastating Moment: Suicide is painless? Fifth inning, and just when we have got 2 people safely on base and Dynamoes might panic into throwing away the game 3B coach Ebbsie decides to see whether Caroline could outrun a throw from SS to 3B before time is called. Now he knows for when the season starts in June.

Week 4.
29 May 07. Renegades 30 - 11 Flyers
St. Annes, 7pm.
Doing well until the sixth count when all the transfers went to the Renegades and left the Flyers high and dry. This is almost as depressing as... Bhí Peig ag dul go dtí an cluiche na Flianna. Ar dús chuaigh sí go dtí tigh a chara. Peig a bhí ainm di. Súil Peig deich míle go dtí an baile eile, gan brógaí agus bhí cos tinn aici agus bhí sé ag cur báiste go trom. 'Dia dhuit, a Pheig' arsa sí, 'tar isteach. Seo cupán tae' Bhí an cupán salach. 'An bhfuil bainne agat?' 'Ó Pheig a stóirín, níl. Fuair an bó bás aréir'. Bhí sin an aon bó a bhí ag Peig. D'ól Peig an tae dubh, ró-láidir agus fuair. 'Cad faoi píosa cácá milis?' 'Níl aon. Chuaigh Páidín amach thar farraige san bád inné chun cácá milis a fháil agus ní tháinig sé ar ais. Cheapaim gur bhris an bád agus tá Páidín marbh san uisce.' 'Is mór an mí-ádh sin. Cad a dhéanfaidh tú anois chun gnéas a fháil agus gan aon fear an phoist ar an oiléan?' 'Níl fhois agam, tá mo chroí briste. An bhfuil do mac Micilín aon mhaith?' 'Ó tá sé marbh. Fuair sé bás Dé Luain nuair a thit an asal san pháirc agus bris an asal a cos. Tá mo chroí briste in dhá áit.' Ag an ám sin rugadh cailín nua do Pheig. 'Anois tá orm dul chun cluiche a imirt leis na Flianna. Ní raibh an bua acu freisin an bhliain seo. Is mór an trua'.
Devally's Devastating Moment: Late sick note leaves us no time to draft in a replacement and it's a big outfield in St Annes for three to cover.
Lights, camera, action: Ebbsie tells us his plan to do Peig for youtube, starring Nicole Kidman. Must be the full moon.

Week 5.
12 Jun 07. Sluggers 28 - 9 Flyers
Marlay Park, 7pm.
Writing match reports
with seventeen syllables
is very diffic

Flyers fifth girl commits hari-kari (em actually it's hara kiri, and actually it's actually seppuku. But actually it's actually jigai in this case. wiki-ed it. And don't start me on writing a haiku, or actually hokku, in English. - ed.) em yeah by being little Miss Auto-Out and leaving another gaping hole in the outfield [citation needed]. And Betty brings further dishonour upon his team by literally pitching them on a plate to the Sluggers.[dis-ambiguation required]
Ebbsie takes over pitching as the setting sun comes out, blinding the batters from the land of the rising sun. His cries of Tora Tora Tora as his high pitches come in are thankfully not heard and they give him a banana at the pub later.
Devally's Devastating Moment: Apart from the pitching, the misfielding in the infield, and positioning in the outfield there wasn't much to complain about so we could blame the weather at the start. No, a, b, and c above, with 2 outs and no runs conceded in the first. 12 runs in a two-out rally. Probably 12 errors.
Caroline's Blonde Moment: Oh it's raining, I better leave my cleats in the car to keep them dry. When Burnsie gets a decent hit Caroline takes off from 1, rounds two, ... and wiiipeooouuuuut.
Dear Frankie: I don't know who to turn to. I've had a fight with my wife. My life is full of stress. I can't get rid of her so should I desert the sinking ship Flyers instead for the sake of my well-being? yours exasperatedly, concerned parent in Athenry. Dear concerned parent in Athenry, sit down, have a nice cup of tea and some Jacob's biscuits or cream crackers and write your resignation email. Just say 'screw you guys, I'm going home'.

Week 6.
19 Jun 07. Flippers 8 - 4 Diamond Dogfish - suspended
ALSAA, 7pm.
Cora the mermaid reports ..
After recent reports of animals seen scurrying two-by-two into the brand new Aer Lingus airbus to be flown by Captain Noah Sark, the Flippers rowed down to the middle of Lake ALSAA to take on the Diamond Dogfish in a game of softpolo. A wave of surf brought in the blue, and both teams dived in and swam out to their positions. Recent experiences in underwater playing at the Usual Suspects blitz in Lake St. Mary's helped the Flippers take the lead, despite protests from the Dogish that they had up-periscoped on time to catch Cora waterskiing past 2nd base on her way to third without dropping anchor. By the third inning, Flippers were leading 8 lengths to the Duck's 3 or 4 and when Ebbsie got momentarily tangled up in his scuba gear handing Jim Kilbride a paddle to 2B, Blue decided that the tide was indeed coming in, and sent up a flare to end the game.
Flippers set sail for home and the epic battle of lake ALSAA will resume another day. Hopefully when the tide has gone back out and the little ALSAA bunnies aren't practising the back stroke around the home plate.
Devally's Devastating Moment: Ado for jacking in everything including organising the weather for match day.
Thanks God I wasn't batting when ...: the thunder and lightening struck. Metal bats???? Hello? Blue???
Welcome Back: Marian Dolan. Just like that weather in New Zealand, eh?

Week 7.
26 Jun 07. Marlay Martyrs - Flyers
Marlay Park, 7pm. Postponed to August 7 or 8.

Week 8.
3 Jul 07. BatPak 11 - 4 Flyers
St Annes, Clontarf, 7pm.
We salute those who are doing the Flyers thing.
Lets hear it for the student who create his own myboboface interweb site and makes 100’s of hot girls his friends. And for the 1B girl who will run back herself to catch the ball, on her own. Cheer for the girl who won’t invite her teammates to celebrate her birthday but can get from the train station to pitchside before you can say ‘That will take her at least 20 min...’. Put your hands together for the shortstop who will dive full length for a ball the pitcher wouldn’t bend down to stop, and for the 3B who arrives just as the game is about to start and jumps 2 inches to try catch a ball. Give it up for the girl who goes home after work to stuff her face before the game and robs her teammates glove. Stand up for the girl who hits over 3B and beats the throw from left field to first. And all the Flyers doing their own thing.
Devally's Devastating Moment: Girl on second. Guy batting. Two outs. Automatic out coming up after. Guy hits to 'Chico' Ben the Jet who is playing third now. Girl on 2 runs. Ben picks up ball after a fumble. And nearly hits the girl who is running right across him when he overthrows the ball to 1.
Who's on third?: Mark, 3 time, scoring twice. And Cora, once, after Betty walks. 9 left on base in the first four innings. Then we stopped filling in the scorebook for some reason.

Week 9.
10 Jul 07. Flyers 1 - 12 Oddsox Green
ALSAA, 7pm.
'Good Eye' = You didn't swing and it wasn't a strike. 'You're way ahead' = the count is 2 and 0. 'Not your one' and 'Your still ahead now' = the count was 2 and 0, you didn't swing and it was a strike. 'Pick the one you want now' = you still didn't swing, now its 2 and 2 and you are in trouble so hit anything. 'It's got to be good' = whew, the count is now 3 and 2, and I hope you get a walk cos I don't trust your hitting at all. 'Great hit' = you are safe on 1 and no-one was out and that's all that matters. 'Good pitch' = I don't actually have a proper view from here but it went in an arc anyway so I hope the blue who has a proper view calls a strike for our team.
Yeah, we used say these years ago when we started and it thought sounded smart. Why have we been hearing them again for the the last two weeks in Premier? Enough already, it's embarrassing. The batter knows what they're doing.
But never heard this before ... 'Drop it'. Ebbsie on 1, Cora dinks one straight to some GB dude playing 2B. Didn't end up as a double play in the end. Now you drop it.
Next up... Dodder - the team that actually walks the walk.

Week 6, continued from 19 June.
11 Jul 07. Flyers 9 - 6 Diamond Dogs.
ALSAA, 7pm.
Flyers finally step up to the platter. Que sera, sera

Cora and Lee: Will it be barbecued spare ribs?
Mary and Tony: Will it be cocktail sausages?
Adrian and Mark: Will it be mushrooms?
Ebbsie and Tara: Fried chicken wings?
Allison and Caroline: You'll have to wait and see!
A voice: Birdseye blah blah steakhouse grills. Blah blah blah.
All the Flyers: We hope it's chips, it's chips. We hope it's chips, it's chips. We hope it's chips, it's chips. We hope it's chips, it's chips. Repeat.
The voice again: Birdseye steakhouse grills. Blah blah lamb blah blah beef blah blah Dogs blah blah appeal.
Devally's Devastating Moment: Two outs, runners on 1 and 2. Game finely balanced. Nerves frazzled. Lefty Allison up. Hits a grounder towards first base man. Pitcher runs to first base. Second base girl runs towards first base. First base man picks up ball after a fumble. Three infielders do a little dance around first base. Then 1B stands on it just before Allison arrives. All players walk off. Blue calls safe, obstruction. Bases loaded, DDM for Ebbsie hits first pitch straight into 2Bs glove.

Week 10.
17 Jul 07. Dodder Dynamoes 17 - 5 Flyers
Tymon Park, 7pm.
Dodder wonder if putting Ken in pitching is a good idea when Flyers bat themselves into an early lead but then we slip up - everywhere - on a soaking pitch. Cora makes multiple catches from internationals in LF before they really do lock the gates at 8.30.
Devally's Devastating Moment: A home run? In the seventh? What's that about?

Week 11.
24 Jul 07. Flyers 4 - 16 Renegades
Albert College, 7pm.
Home and Away.
After going out of our way to accomodate the Renegades the best thing that can be said about tonight is that at least the press weren't there to witness it. Oh, and they gave us a box of Roses.
Renegades seek and get a postponement from the ISA because they are worried about journalists showing up at ALSAA asking them questions. Then they offer us the chance to switch our home game against them tonight to a neutral venue, if we keep it hushhush. How can we refuse an offer like that? We rollover and Renegades hit the jackpot.
Devally's Devastating Moment: Allison is just being greedy looking for it tonight for a throw from 2 to 1. But does concede that it wasn't as bad as Mary's throw on Saturday, which Mary had forgotten about. Betty walks the first 3 batters to bring his streak to 6 out of 7 before letting Aidan take over.

Week 12.
31 Jul 07. Flyers 8 - 14 Sluggers
ALSAA, 7pm.
Chotto! Kora!! Kiban wo nogashi ta!! Furena katta!! Iki, dai san soshite ni rui furena sai!!! Iki nasai!!!! Kiken!!!!!!!
Ok - so the lefty fella has hit a home run to right field. But, the Slugger guys and girls are getting even more excited than normal. What are they shouting about? Betty fishes his Japanese-English dictionary out of his póca...
Em, Pedestal? Kora, = Cora? She’s playing 1B because she’s fed up nothing is ever hit to LF. Smash? They are going to smash a pedestal? We don’t have one. What are they jibbin' jabbin' about. Em, ok, ‘Return’. Return what? Our missing pedestal? Luckily niruishu, sorry, 2B Caroline is standing on nirui, sorry 2B, and shouts for the ball to be thrown to her. Ump, who was American after all and had a keen sense of history, had also seen the runner miss second base and called him out. A non-blonde moment!
Devally's Devastating Moment: Moving Cora to 1B because she said only 3 balls have come to her all year. Bad enough, but filling the LF gap by moving 1B Caroline to 2B, 2B Allison to RF and RF Mary to LF as well?

Week 7, postponed from 26 June.
07 Aug 07. Marlay Martyrs 11 - 6 Flyers
Marlay Park, 7pm. Camera: Brian Connolly.
Lavery sets record, but no-one in America is celebrating.
Tuesday 7 August 2007. Colum Lavery had his 756th pie and scored a home run in front of his home crowd. However outside his dugout there was little or no urge to mark this historic occasion. Hanky Aaron didn't show up, or send a card. Not very sporting. And the ISA webmaster, a former team-mate of Lavery at Shutout 7, didn't even stick a picture up on the home page.
Why has his achievement been overshadowed? Is it because that in the eyes of many Lavery is a (whisper it) Rovers fan? Despite persistent rumours he has never tested positive for it and denies that he ever knowingly been to Glenmalure or Tallaght but this hasn't been enough to stop the gossip. A story doing the rounds that his trainer was spotted wearing a hooped shirt in 2003 can not be taken seriously by anyone who knows him. 'A trainer? Lavery?' said a source close to the Marlay team.
Still, some things can't be denied. He's bigger than he used to be. He's put on at least 150 pounds in roughly 30 years and he didn't do that playing for Thomas Davis. A dark cloud of suspicion still hangs over him, or maybe it's just a dark cloud of rain. In the eyes of many many many Irish softball fans he has all but ruined his reputation. Possibly both of them. In fact people are more likely to talk about how the big sap walked into a fake throw from Betty and was tagged out than how he hit the ball and the Flyers outfield ran in under it letting him score.
The people are beginning to ask Where are the Heroes gone?
Devally's Devastating Moment: What is it with Flyers girls called Siobhan and their inability to follow unnecessarily complicated directions to away games? Go past the first car-park. Indeed.
Welcome back: Babs.

Week 13.
14 Aug 07. Diamond Dogs - Flyers.
Glasnevin, 7pm.
Rained off. The worst summer EVER continues. We'll try again next week.

Week 13.
21 Aug 07. Diamond Dogs 5 - 6 Flyers. After 6 complete innings.
Glasnevin, 7pm. Att: a few people and 1 cute but annoying dog. and a few million midges.
Flyers: 6
Dogs: 5
On the evening of the 24th of July, after the Flyers had given up home field against the Renegades and lost, going 0-9 for the season, Adrisaac Mendevally went home, sat down at a blank canvas and started to paint. He was slowly going out of his mind, even quitting as manager of the Flyers hadn't brought the peace of mind he sought. He needed some heroines...
He awoke, dazed, the next morning and stared in disbelief at the picture in front of him. What state was his mind in the previous night to produce something like this? What he had painted shook him, scared him, but also gave him hope and a reason to go on.
This time he decided to show the other people with special powers what he had painted. It would show them their destiny...
Caroliniki was a dancer from Vegas. Now she was constantly fleeing from an umpire with a Louth accent who went by the name of 'Blondie'. She also could not understand what was going on around her all the time, and how she always hit down the 3B line whatever way she swung the bat. She practiced in front of a mirror. But it was though she was not in control. Sichiro Seonakata was our 9th wonder, and we would wonder how he could appear for training out of nowhere but seemed to teleport himself elsewhere on match days.
Surebbshie drove cabs but knew he was destined to manage La Liga, Formula 1, National League baseball or virtual armies. Maybe even a national softball team. Lee Parkman was a LA cop, he could read a batter's mind from the outfield. And Tony Petrolburns flew through the air to make catches. It seemed impossible. But we saw it. Finally there was a cheerleader type who never got injured. Sichiro said if we saved her we could save the season. Her name was Marion. We did save her for a couple of games a season. Like tonight against the Dogs.
Every Flyer had superpowers but some were afraid to use them. Until they saw Adrisaac Mendevally's painting from July 24. The trend lines clearly showed the future. By the time games 13 and 14 came around our Runs For in a game would be greater than our Runs Against.
There could be dark moments but the season would be saved. By the Flyheros and their superpowers.
DDM: Third and fourth innings - 13 at bats, 1 run. Betty wasn't the only Flyer who had just three modes - hit foul to RF, take a walk, or hit grounders to 3B. So he shouldn't have hit one into the trees during warm up.
You don't say: You say toe-ma-toe, we say ta-may-toe. You say tomatina next Wednesday, we say we have a game that counts on the Tuesday before.

Week 14.
28 Aug 07. Flyers 4 - 9 Marlay Martyrs
ALSAA, 7pm.
A win meant we'd have to play Marlay again to see who had to play a relegation play-off so to avoid fixture congestion we decided to skip that eventuality and simplify things.
A bit of momentum built up from the 4th inning and we thought briefly about a seventh inning comeback like last year but a girl in a Sligo shirt had other ideas.
Not sure when the season finale is, and if the new-season premiere is straight after it. Or even if it's on the same channel. And what season it is on the other station.
DDM: Betty gets two earfuls from all the Flyers who weren't included as a hero last week. Not my fault there isn't enough girls in the show yet.
Welcome back: Ireland's Prettiest Villager 2007, Aughrim native FionaMc finally gets to play Premier. Just about.

8 Sep 07. Relegation/Promotion Playoff.
Flyers 14 - 9 Slammers
ALSAA, 10 o'clock. AM. In the morning.
The original tinker man changes the batting order again, after pre-printing the line-up sheets 3 weeks ago he's scribbled changes to it every week. Betty goes top of the order. And we recruit a brand new girl for the day.
Friday lunchtime and Ray gives Caroline grief about how we have to play Saturday morning because he has told his team all week to be there without consulting with the ISA. And they can't play any other day because there's rugby on in France so we have to sort this out and be flexible. He's gone to so much trouble to plan this game off his own bat so we better accomodate him and be there tomorrow morning.
Preparation is key: No-one tells Aidan how much trouble Ray went to and he goes out on the beer Friday night. Ebbsie gets a phone call Saturday morning from Aidan saying he lost his keys last night so can Ebbsie get over to ALSAA to play in about 1 hour.
DDM: Last inning of the season and Mary gets into a whole wee big confused mess when Betty and Ebbsie shout different instructions at her while base coach Adrian is telling her something else. Mary is on 1. Lee hits to their pitcher. Who is Ray. So it's his fault. He throws it to 1. Not 2, 1. Where Magoo is, because he's busted his shoulder slipping while rounding a base in the previous inning. First base coach Adrian had sent Mary to 2 when Lee grounded the ball. Now with Lee out Betty sees the force has been removed and Mary isn't half way to 2 yet. So Betty from the sidelines shouts at Mary to stop and check rather than get tagged out at 2. Adrian shouts at her to go. Third base coach Ebbsie shouts something at her too. Then Betty remembers that Magoo can't throw cos of his busted shoulder. So he shouts at Mary to keep going. Then Magoo flips the ball out of his glove over Mary to 2B where SS Marty catches it standing on 2. Ebbsie and Adrian are still shouting stuff and Betty yells at Mary to go back to 1. Marty throws the ball back to 1. Betty shouts at Mary to go to 2 now. Magoo catches the ball, standing on 1, but doesn't tag Mary. Mary starts to walk off the pitch telling everyone to stop shouting at her and make their mind up. Betty shouts at her to turn and run to 2. The blue has called her out at second. Which makes a bad situation worse. Betty is still shouting at Mary, Adrian, Ebbsie, the umpire and anyone else who won't listen. Half an hour after the match and he's still frothing at the mouth and no-one will believe him about the force being removed and the need to tag the runner. Ask him about it, he'll explain it calmly and rationally.
Then ask him about the overthrow rule and the way people say "the base you're going to plus 1". And how it applies when the runner hasn't left 2 (umpire awards 3) and when the runner is tagging back to 1 on a caught fly ball (umpire awards 2). Wrong and wrong. Very very very very wrong.
Debutante of the Day: Alaskan Brittany.
Something more about Mary: Tuesday, and Betty is still talking about that play in the seventh over lunch in the canteen. A Slammer involved in the play says that Paul McGrath didn't stand on 1 when Ray threw the ball to him; saw that Mary had stopped when Betty shouted and confused her, so rather than take the easy out on 1 and let things develop the way that Betty has been going on and on and on about since 11.30 Saturday morning, that he flipped the ball out of his glove (remember he couldn't throw it because he busted his shoulder slipping while rounding a base in the sixth remember I mentioned that?) towards 2 where Marty caught it and got the FORCE OUT on two, then Marty saw that Lee the batter had not run because he thought he was out at first and Marty threw it back to first base to Magoo who caught it now standing on 1 to get the second force out there. Betty finally stopped talking about the incident, narrowed his eyes, rubbed his chin the way he does, thought not very deeply, and decided to change the subject to Maddie. And thought about the match report he never did write this year.

Jets 93 League Season - Division 3

Week 1.
30 Apr 07. Jets 93 15 - 20 Mockingbirds
ALSAA, 7pm. Att. 4, hopefully they'll be back.

The phoenix-from-the-flames Jets live on to fight for another year. And fight they did eventually after going 15-3 behind. Sun Tzu said ‘The rising of birds ... is the sign of an ambuscade’. Well Jets ambuscaded alright and with a little bit of luck would have found a way to kill the Mockingbirds. Off.
Debutants of the Day: : Having played for Leftovers and 13.3 in the last century John O’Reilly pitches on his Jets debut, Siobhan Kiely plays her first game ever and Aidan gets to pitch too for the first time.

Week 2.
14 May 07. Jets 93 11 - 19 Dublin Bay Packers
ALSAA, 7pm.

Jets welcome back Marie Smyth and Siobhan O'Leary from the recent past to make up the numbers and guarantee not only another 2 points at least, but more importantly that the show does go on.
Debutant of the Day: : Em, none? No-one. Not one. Can you add one more letter and make another word?

Week 3.
21 May 07. Y2 Kegs 15 - 10 Jets 93
Dodder Park, 7pm.
5 girls, 4 guys go out and play well and are leading after 4 innings. But auto-out starts to come at wrong time and Kegs eke out the runs they need to take the game. 2 Siobhans, Agnieszka, Therese and Marie means that the Jets and Flyers have sorted out the female part of the roster. Just the guys to work out then so Adrian doesn't have to play every bit of every game for both teams.

Week 4.
28 May 07. All Sinners 11 - 28 Jets 93
Coolock, 7pm.
Be the hokey pokey.
You put your outfield in, infield out, score a lot of runs and whack the ball about. What worked in Limerick in 2005 to kill a losing streak has done the trick again. Aidan, the new tinker man at the helm of the Jets went into overdrive last night switching everyone around after 4 innings. After thunder, lightening, hailstones and 4 seasons during the day, summer made a welcome appearance in time to see the Jets at their very best. Vote Aidan number 1. Take a well deserved week off Jets. Therese retires on a winning note.

Week 5.
11 Jun 07. Jets 93 37 - 26 Loan Homers Krusty
ALSAA, 7pm.
9.35pm, game still going on, even the little ALSAA baby bunnies are gone to bed. They're probably still counting up but it's safe to say the Jets won.
LATE NEWS. The scores are in now ... Flyers 37, Homers 26.

Week 6.
18 Jun 07. Jets 93 15 - 24 Deadly Suspects
ALSAA, 7pm.
It's a boy!
The Flyers and Jets93 today welcome young Cillian Duffy. Hopefully this is a sign that FionaMc will be back in LF for the second half of the season, which is next week.... em... no pressure or anything Fi, but the batting order and positions have already been written up..... Mick you're in charge.
Devally's Diaper Moment: Since it's your first, and it's a boy, here's how you do it (thanks to Jimmy P)...
Spread the diaper in the position of the diamond with you at bat.
Then fold second base down to home and set the baby on the pitcher's mound.
Put first base and third together, bring up home plate and pin the three together.
Of course, in case of rain, you gotta call the game and start all over again.

Week 7.
25 Jun 07. Jets 93 9 - 7 Dept of Homeplate Security
ALSAA, 7pm.
Location, location, location
Siobhan stands where 1B Cora tells her too and doesn't have to move when lefty leadoff bats in the sixth. Standing about 10 feet from where 1B wud normally stand while Cora guarded the line maybe she moved her glove an inch at the last second to make the catch. Ex-Oracle James other half of Debbiepenney steps in to pitch second half after our big movearound and keeps up the Jets policy of ignoring all runners and taking the outs at 1. Works a treat.
DDM: To protect homeplate, to respond to all threats, and to prevent runners crossing homeplate's boundaries. That's the Dept Homeplate Security's mission. Sir. And it suceeded: by making James walk around the plate and off the pitch when he hadn't been tagged properly; and by using decoy wet ground to halt Betty's cleats an inch from the plate and tag him out when he couldn't move forward. Even suicide running by Agneiszka under orders from Aidan couldn't get through. Good job men and women, good job..
Stars in their eyes: Umpire Junior still can't figure out that Siobhan O'L is NOT in fact FionaMc, that she didn't play catcher 3 weeks ago when about to pop, and is not back playing a week after dropping her sprog.

Week 8.
09 Jul 07. Jets 93 3 - 12 Marlay Braves
ALSAA, 7pm.

Week 9.
16 Jul 07. Bray 9 - 6 Jets 93
somewhere in Bray, 7pm.
Bray get their first win of the season.

Week 10.
23 Jul 07. Jets'93 13 - 21 Castleknock Wildcats
ALSAA, 7pm.
Lenny finally comes down from whatever high he was on at Saturday's blitz to take control of a game where neither team really knew the rules. Was never going to finish early.

Division 3C Week 1.
13 Aug 07. Jets 93 7 - 0 Bray. Walkover.
Would have been ALSAA, 7pm.
Quiet around here, isn't it.

Division 3C Week 3.
27 Aug 07. Y2 Kegs - Jets 93.
Dodder Park, 7 pm.
ISA 2007 Division 3C title at stake.
DDM: We concede a week early by mistake.

The Cup 2007

Coming in June

First Round.
05 Jun 07. Jets 93 - Renegades 2
ALSAA, 7pm.
Boo-Hoo, nobody told them about the game. Boo-Hoo. Give us a break.
Renegades don't show. What a mess.

Second Round.
08 Aug 07. Jets 93 - Castleknock Somethingcats
ALSAA, 7pm.
Boo-Hoo, Jets don't show. They told us about the game. Boo-Hoo. What a mess.

Third Round.
4 Sep 2007. BatPak - Flyers
Tony and Betty were still recoving from the 70 degree 3G water slide at Galaxy in Erding and a weekend of football and weissbeir at the Herbstfest so make their excuses. Flyers fulfill their fixture but bow out to the eventual Cup winners.

Tournaments and Blitzes.

Diamond Dogs Pre-Season Tournament. 15 April 07. Albert College
Draw with the Dogs but go down 7-2 to the Blazzers on a hot hot day. Then the Dogs catering department organise a great barbecue. Top scran, cold beers, and a lot of sun. Thanks Joanne from Blazzers for playing 1B for us.

ISA Start of Season Blitz. 28 April 2007, ALSAA.
Joined up with the Suspects to enter a team. Didn't see anything new in the trophy cabinet afterwards so I guess they held us back.

Marlay Nick it.
Debutants Castletroy join 7 other teams on a day that threatened rain but ended sunny and windy. Marlay come from behind when the wheels fell off the Limerick bandwagon in the final. Thanks to those who came out, even the Bearcats/Kegs team that drifted home at lunchtime leaving us with a few hours to fill. Thanks also to Emer from Oddsox, Carolina from Blazzers, Adrian and Alacoque from US for guesting for us, and especially to 26 year old Ruth Kelly who helped us out a lot. She's a lot nicer than her rate my teacher score really, and hardly ever shouts.

Usual Suspects Blitz. 16 June 2007, St Marys Templeogue.
Our guests for the day: Nadia Basedevils - said she'd play then played for the Suspects all day (so she wouldn't have to pay her entry fee), Kevin Ucdandbasedevils played with us all day and was brill, Tara Siobhanks mate came out to play for 1.5 games but had to go home unwell, Dave Suspects v Suspects, Glen Suspects v Kegs, Siobhan Murtagh Kegs v Kegs when Tara went, Brian & Sinead Marlay v Marlay, and finally Siobhan again, Ernesto and Nathan Kegs v Kegs again. Thanks everybody.
Lost the plate semi 16-2 to Kegs and only got 2 cos we played the joker in the inning we scored one run. DDM for Adrian for getting stuck being the driver. Thanks Suspects for a grand day out that wasn't ruined by the weather and for the barbecue we had to grab and run.

Castleknock Bearcats Blitz. 21 July 2007, St Brigids GAA, Castleknock.
Play on a plastic pitch all day which was kinda cool. If slippy.
Beat Blazzers, lose to Dogs, lose to Bearcats, beat Marlay. Blame the umps on our 2 losses. 2-2 record gets us into final. 6 players are gone home and one is in the bar. So recruit Joanne 1B, Carolina C, Gillian LF, Luis and Rich SS, Alan and JohnC 3B, JohnE and Conor LCF all from the Blazzers and have the Bearcats over a barrell 10-4 after 4 innings. Bats go silent then and Betty couldn't hit a barn door with a pitch, never mind a strike zone. It's too painful to watch as we lose by 4 leaving bases loaded.
Guilty as charged.

18/19 August 2007. IOST, University of Limerick.
Flyers abandon Shannon region
, after getting knocked out.
Politicians and bishops outraged. 'They've put the knife in and now they're twisting it around' they cry.
We join with 6 Slammers to create cue Texas Longhorn salute and head banging THE SLAYERS!! 4-1 on Saturday, followed by pizza, beers, dancing, then 0-3 on Sunday. BatPak win the final.
And Clayton apologises to Cora.

And the rest..

Lee's missus, big birthday. 16 June 2007, Old Boro.

Family BBQ. 15 Sep 2007, ALSAA

Bronagh and Junior's Wedding Party. 12 Oct 2007, Swords