2000 Results And Fixtures

League Results -

17/04/00 Big Alís Flyers 11 Thirteen Three 6 ALSAA
Whoaa!! We're off to a winning start! After a shaky beginning with a few nervous batters and a few rule inquiries - What the hell happens with three girls?? - the team shifted up a gear and, dare I say it, played with some consistency. When Fiona Mac hit a crisp double
over the left fielders head, we knew we were on our way. Despite Ian's rendition of Swan Lake in Right field giving up three bases, the outfield got it together and nailed anything that came their way. Some might say that if it wasn't for Adrian's one handed base coaching or
Muirenn's yelping orders from behind the backstop we wouldn't have done as well.

Play Of The Day: Yvonne's amazing pick at third that led to the tag for the final out.
Dirtiest Uniform: Ger Doolan

08/05/00 Temple Devils 1 Big Alís Flyers 23 St. Ann's Park
What a score!! Not bad for a game that we started so badly. With only one run in after two innings, nerves started to creep in until a batting frenzy in the third inning led by Jaz and Fiona saw 8 runs score. The defiance stood solid all throughout the game, even though the Devils had some strong hitters. The only run scored by the devils was a home run ( or maybe a drop Tony?? ) in the last inning. The infield did it's job well on a rough ground and facing a low blinding sun. As the game went on, the batting just got better and better - so much so that Betty ran to third base for the first time ever, not to mention Cora hitting three doubles in a row. Let's hope we can keep the momentum up.

Play Of The Day: Fiona Mac's stand up triple
Dirtiest Uniform: Junior

15/05/00 Big Alís Flyers 19 1Z Blazzers 14 ALSAA
A very good softball game close all the way to the until the flyers batted in seven nearing the end of the game. Both teams contributed to a good game. There pitching suffered a bit because there normal pitcher was not playing Joe Healy did a good stand in job although some walks helped the flyers in the end. Some crucial hits from James and Cora helped a great deal and our captain Betty chipped in with some well needed base hits. All the girls played well and everybody did there bit. The outfield played well and Tony had another juggle with the ball before he caught it but what's new there. And as to why Junior plays in the Senior its because he's plays for the best softball team - and they play in the senior league. And yes, Junior did write this match report!!

Play Of The Day:
Dirtiest Uniform: James gets it for all that facial hair

22/05/00 Coolmine Bearcats 13 Big Alís Flyers 20 Porterstown Church

Nice venue, friendly opponents but a forgettable game. Hard to get going again after a flyers blitz. Highlights were Adrian coming back from injury for his first game of the season and scoring 4 runs. Cliodhna made her debut as a Flyer. Mick Jacobs missed his lift ( yet again!! ). Lowlights was most of our batting. The Bearcats scored 7 in the bottom of the fifth to give us a wake up call. Our fourth league win should mean we finish in the top half and so at least avoid another relegation.
Play Of The Day:
Dirtiest Uniform:

29/05/00 Big Alís Flyers 18 Usual Suspects 10 ALSAA


7 June 2000 Flyers 18 Usual Suspects 10

12 June 2000 Mockingbirds 13 Big Al's Flyers 26 Marlay Park
Betty got lost on the southside and turned up late so James pitched the first innings and gave up 8 runs with a string of walks. Normal order was returned for the second innings. We scored in every innings.

19 June 2000 Flyers 17 Oddsox Gold 16
Coach Betty was on his holidays. The team won, that's all he needs to know. Mickey J and Ger combined to get the winning run with 2 out. We finish the first half of the season 7-0 and carry maximum points into the second half. They could come in useful when it comes to the promotion shake-up.

26 June 2000 Usual Suspects 14 Flyers 13 St. Anne's Park
Tight game on a difficult to find pitch. Suicidal base running/coaching led to the final out. Sam played well at SS for the Suspects.

3 July 2000 Flyers 19 Mockingbirds 11

10 July 2000 Flyers 27 Beachers 9
A slugfest where we scored in every innings. We got through the order with no outs and 10 runs scored in the 4th. Excellent hitting by Betty going 5 for 5 with 5 runs at tenth in the order. Beachers hitting was not up to the standard of when they beat us in NST last month. Gotta feel sorry for their pitcher who got to 1B four times but was out at 2B every time

17 July 2000 BNC Angels 17 Flyers 20 ALSAA
Home game for the Angels but played at ALSAA. We batted 12 and left it very late to win this game. Coach was not happy afterwards. 15 people turn up for the Flyers but we never get that at training. No Fiona tonight, Cora returned to LCF. Expect no mercy at Wednesday's training.

24 July 2000 Flyers 26 Temple Devils 2

Left the bases loaded in the last. Combined score over our two games this year is 49-3. With Betty injured from the III Junior started as pitcher and Dean as SS. When Dean went over on his ankle he joined the growing band on injured and Mick took over as pitcher.

31 July 2000 Pigs in Space 12 Flyers 38 St. Annes Park

14 August 2000 Marlay B Flyers

League Standings - LSA Senior Division

Position Team Played Won Lost W/O Points
1 Big Al's Flyers 6 6 0 0 30

Usual Suspects

6 5 1 0 27
3 Mockingbirds 6 4 2 0 24
4 1Z Blazers 6 2 3 1 16
5 Oddsox Gold 6 2 3 1 16
6 Thirteen Three 5 2 3 0 16
7 Coolmine Bearcats 6 1 5 0 15
8 Temple Devils 5 1 4 0 13

5 Points for a win, 2 for a loss and 0 for a walkover

Cup Results -

25/04/00 Findlater Barflies Inc. 0 Big Alís Flyers 7 Porterstown Playing Fields
Walkover. Thank God - It was pissing rain all week!!

02/05/00 Big Alís Flyers 17 Riverdeep Piranhas 5 ALSAA
A nice friendly game saw the flyers guarantee themselves a place in the next round of the cup (to be drawn against Marlay no doubt!!). Even with junior popping up three times in a row, we managed to outhit the opposition. On the other hand, Betty seems to be getting the hang of this right field hitting lark! All we need to do is shore up that leaky infield to keep the oppositions' runs down.

Play Of The Day: James' Umpiring/Coaching technique
Dirtiest Uniform: Deano

06/06/00 Big Alís Flyers 13 Dodder Dynamoes 18 ALSAA

Play Of The Day:
Dirtiest Uniform: Cora ( in the right field swimming pool )

2 August 2000 (8 innings) Renegades 7 Flyers 8 St. Anne's Park

9 August 2000 Marlay Martyrs Flyers

Blitzes -

8th July Usual Suspects Blitz TBA
15th July Flyers Gender Blitz ALSAA
22 & 23/07/00 Triple III Tournament ALSAA
19 & 20/08/00 Irish Open softball Tournament Cork
05 Ė 10/09/00 European slowpitch Championships Maynooth