1999 Results And Fixtures

League Results -

Division 1 West reports by Dean from our old site.

Loan Homers 8 Big Al's Flyers 6
A wet and windy Monday evening in Terenure where the trick seemed to be to make as few errors as possible. The Homers figured this out and won, what turned out to be, a pretty forgettable game.

Big Al's Flyers 4 Los Banditos 6
Talk about throwing it all away!!!! The Flyers were 4-2 up going into the last inning against one of the pre-season favourites when we decided to hand them four runs. The fielding was magnificent until the seventh when error after error saw the Bandits steal the game. It was a game we should have won, and the Bandit players were getting increasingly uptight as they saw an 'easy' game get harder and harder.

Oddsox Red 11 Big Al's Flyers 6
Not bad going. Playing with nine players, the Flyers were ahead 6-1 going into the fourth inning when the Reds copped on what was happening and came back batting very consistently. Maybe it was the thought of that old pitcher of theirs getting on the teams case in the Goat afterwards got the team going!

Big Al's Flyers 2 Oddsox Blue 24
Apparently Bren Farren warned the other Sox teams how good we were and warned that we were no pushover. To hell with that! We sat by and watched the Blues beat the living shite out of us. Their hitting was excellent, ours was not. Their fielding was relaxed and efficient, ours was not. Time after time Brian Nolan and Paul Quinn belted the ball over that bloody wall in right field.

Oddsox Green 12 Big Al's Flyers 2
In a nine versus nine contest the Greens barely broke into a sweat with a easy victory. Year after year we collapse against the Greens, and this year was no different. Some of the worst fielding I have ever seen resulted in them hitting double after double, and we just couldn't seem to hit Brian Walshes high pitches. One good point was that YET AGAIN Doug tries to steal third and Emer throws him out easily. Some people just never learn!

Big Al's Flyers 17 Blazzers 18
This was beyond ridiculous! In a tit for tat game, we're two behind and one out in the bottom of the last inning when Ian hits a crisp double and moves Yvonne onto third, and with Betty on deck, victory was within our grasp. YEAH RIGHT! In a move that Bozo the clown would be proud of, Ian leggs it to third, gets tagged out and in sympathy with Ian's suicidal mindset, Yvonne takes off for home and gets tagged out. With the amount of abuse Ian had to endure you can be sure he'll not be doing that again!

Big Al's Flyers 8 Troops 4
At last we win a bloody game! In a scrappy game where both team were missing players, the Flyers fought hard for the win. The defence was solid, but the hitting still seems to be a bit suspect.

League Standings

Division 1 West

Team P W L Points
Oddsox Blue 7 6 1 32
Los Banditos 7 5 2 29
Oddsox Red 7 5 2 29
Oddsox Green 7 5 2 29
Loan Homers Barney 7 3 4 23
Blazzers 7 2 5 20
BIG AL'S FLYERS 7 1 6 17
Troops 7 1 6 17

Top 4 teams enter Division 1 Primary with top 4 from Division 1 East.
Bottom 4 teams enter Divsion 1 Secondary with bottom 4 from Division 1 East.

Division 1 Secondary

Troops 6 Big Al's Flyers 27
In a hitting frenzy the Flyers went absolutely mad against the Troops in Wanderers. Consistent hitting, coupled with a decimated Troops team, led the Flyers to an well deserved victory. If only we could hit like this every week!

Blazzers 16 Big Al's Flyers 28
REVENGE IS SO SWEET! It's the first time the Flyers have won three in a row in the first division since 1991!

Kielys Kegs 12 Big Al's Flyers 11
In a close and well mannered game, the Kegs took the win. Both teams were on form, and the fine weather added to a game that was as good to watch as it was to play.

Big Al's Flyers 3 Batpak 7
We really can play woeful softball! A four and six Batpak took us apart piece by piece. Mike Kindle's high arcing pitches saw Flyer after Flyer pop out, while even with counts at 0 and 2, the Batpak girls still whacked in hit after hit.

Big Al's Flyers 12 Loan Homers 18
We went 7-0 up in the first inning, but an impressive Homers team batted in base hit after base hit and strolled their way to victory. Not many errors helped them out, it must be said.

Big Al's Flyers 32 Jammy Dodgers 2
Wooooohhhhhaaaaaa!!!!!!! What can I say - the scoreline speaks for itself!

Underpants Gnomes 0 Big Al's Flyers 7
15 of us standing around Ringsend last Monday for what? Grrrrr!!!

League Standings -

Division 1 Primary

Team B/F P W L W/O Points
Marlay Martyrs 3 7 7 0 0 38
Los Banditos 2 7 6 1 0 34
Dodder Dynamoes 2 7 5 2 0 31
Odd Sox Blue 3 7 4 3 0 29
Odd Sox Red 1 7 3 3 1 22
Odd Sox Green 0 7 2 5 0 20
Warriors 1 7 1 6 0 18
Diamond Dogs 0 7 0 7 0 14

Division 1 Secondary

Team B/F P W L W/O Points
Batpak 3 7 6 1 0 35
Blazzers 2 7 4 3 0 28
Loan Homers Barney 3 7 4 3 0 29
Kielys Kegs 2 7 4 3 0 28
BIG AL'S FLYERS 1 7 4 3 0 27
Jammy Dodgers 0 7 4 3 0 26
Troops 0 7 2 4 1 18
Underpant Gnomes 1 7 0 4 3 9

Bottom 2 teams relegated to Division 2 for 2000.
Fifth and six placed teams play teams finshing 3rd and 4th in Division 2.
Winners of playoffs play in Division 1 in 2000, losers in Division 2.

1st/2nd Division Playoff

Big Al's Flyers 6 Slammers 12
***The Flyers storm into the second division*** With a display that the Marx brothers would be proud of the Flyers were slaughtered by the Slammers. Error after error saw the Slammers get run in after run, and when Beefcake got a homer, it sealed our fate. The Slammers were even short a few players and we couldn't take them. Good luck to them in the dizzy heights of the first division next year.


Week 1. 4th May 1999.
Beachers 7 - 0 Big Al's Flyers walkover

Week 2. 11th May 1999.
MASH 3 - 14 Big Al's Flyers

Week 3. 8th June 1999.
Big Al's Flyers 2 - 21 Oddsox Green

Oddsox Green (3-0) win Group Three and advance to knock-out stages

Cup Big Al's Flyers enter at Third Round stage.

Round 3. 27th May 1999.
Beachers 20 - 19 Big Al's Flyers

Remaining Blitzes -

11/09/99 Interline Tournament New York