1993 Results And Fixtures

Spring Training in Pennsylvania
The team flew out to New York on April 8 and were met by Tom and Scott of the Philadelphia Green Sox baseball team who played in Galway the year before. On the drive down to the city of Brotherly Love we stopped for nose-bag in a Roy Rogers where Deano was surprised to find his 'veggie' burger missing a vital ingredient. Finally arrived at the luxurious Holiday Inn, King of Prussia. Next day we did Philly, had a cheese steak, ran up the Rocky steps, Hamzah got in to the fountain to rescue the frisbee, had beers and got free stuff. Friday night we went for drinks Bryn Mawr in Mallorys Bar, owned by the Sox #44 JD, and met two fly-girls Marley and Tara. Saturday morning we picked up our new Flyers uniforms. They were heavy, white with green stripes and had Flyers written on the back to be different. The pants were dark green. We set out to play in Davenport University and got one quick loss in to Holy Xavier before the rest of the day was rained off so we went shopping and on to McSorleys for pizza and beer. Two people went to Valley Forge Park next morning to watch the sunrise with two other people. Sunday we went to see the Phillies play and decided we need our own mascot with a little car to drive around the outfield.

Jets -

Outside the league -

Flyers League Season - Division 1

Week 1. 26 Apr 93. Heavy Sweaters 13 - 17 Flyers
Flyers led 6-0 going into the bottom of the 5th as both teams struggled to remember how to hit with those old bats. First softball I ever robbed. Still have it. Has Munekata written on it.

Week 2. 03 May 93. Flyers 22 - 12 Warriors
Last season we'd ever beat these guys.

Week 3. 10 May 93. Flyers 10 - 9 Oddsox Red

Week 4. 17 May 93. Flyers 25 - 24 Lotus Eaters

Week 5. 31 May 93. Marlay Martyrs 6 - 3 Flyers
Marlay Park
Anne Murphy, Cora and Betty get lost on the southside coming home from the pub and have to pretend to be Americans so they don't look complete fools when asking for directions to the city centre.

Week 6. 14 Jun 93. Flyers P - P Heavy Sweaters
It'd been raining for days, the river in ALSAA was overflowing and the road to the pitches flooded, they later claimed a walkover and because 'some games were played somewhere else in Dublin that night' the IBSA gave them the walkover. Yeah we're still bitter about it. Same crap happened again years later.

Week 7. 05 Jul 93. Warriors 24 - 33 Flyers

Week 8. 12 Jul 93. Oddsox Red 9 - 6 Flyers
Boots nearly got chucked out of the game when Marty, Philip and himself exploded after a crap call on Noel O'Brien for leaving the base early on Philip's fly ball.

Week 9. 09 Aug 93. Lotus Eaters 8 - 18 Flyers
Albert College
Chas Cognato played 1B for the Flyers.

Week 10. 30 Aug 93. Flyers 2 - 14 Marlay Martyrs
Ouch, that's gotta hurt.

Jets League Season - Division 4

Week 1. 27 Apr 93. Microsoft DOSsers 6 - 23 Jets
Can't remember, but there's a clue coming up.
New team Jets take off and two of their infield would go on to be president of the IBSF/IBSA. Wasn't Dean at SS, Ger at 3B, or Betty at 1B so must've been Ann Murphy at 2B and Brian Connolly at P. The Elders wouldn't let us wear our new Flyers tops but we could wear the dark green trousers - seeexxxy. Lead 12-0 after the 1st, called it early, then we coached them and when it rained we all went to the Mill House. They made it easier for us by speaking 10 different languages and not being able to explain about tagging up to each other.

Week 2. 04 May 93 Telecom 6 - 38 Jets
No idea, maybe Sandyford.
These were pre-Devally days but a Stafford Stupido Moment happened when Nuala was called out for not touching the plate when she got home. Of course the other team wouldn't have known the first thing about it, can't remember who the pedantic ump was. Hazel made her debut. Derek would propose to her some years later on the back of an elephant at a circus out in Donabate by getting the elephant to kneel so he wouldn't have to. Dean's girlfriend came out to watch. She came out training the Sunday after and Flyers/Jets softball was about to change...

Week 3. 11 May 93 Jets 13 - 1 Marlay Martyrs C
Marlay scored their run in the first and left bases loaded in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 7th. Their pitcher, a loud mouthed pain-in-the-ass American called Mikey, lost the head with their catcher so Dean crashed into him next time he got near home 'accidently'. Hazel, Ann and Nuala were the gals, Emer didn't get her game.

Week 4. 18 May 93. Jets 15 - 14 Canada Life Blue Jays
Knute Rockne's "Win One for the Gipper" speech it wasn't...
Jets go into the bottom of the fifth 12-1 down so Mickey J has a team talk and gives his immortal speech about the match being lost and to treat the rest of the game as practice.

Week 5. 1 Jun 93. Troops 21 - 11 Jets
Pembroke CC
Finally we lose. In a jungle. They just didn't believe us that there were rules about substitutions so what can you do. We had players called Catherine, Noreen and Eilis. I don't remember them. TEAM and Aer Lingus announced plans for massive lay-offs; we didn't know how it wud affect us next year.

Week 6. 15 Jun 93. Jets 18 - 2 Microsoft DOSsers
We didn't really need the 7 consecutive walks with two outs in the 4th but sometimes you can't even get close to pitches. They still hadn't learned how to tag up either but with the Swedish talent on their side we tried to be nice.

Week 7. 6 Jul 93. Jets 18 - 5 Telecom
Don't ask me - I was on holidays.

Week 8. 13 Jul 93. Marlay Martyrs C 17 - 7 Jets
Marlay Park
Ger made our only catch in the outfield tonight. We had to play 4 girls tonight back in the days of 7&3. Damage was done early and we trailed 9-2 after the second. Any chance of winning the league went after this.

Week 9. 10 Aug 93. Canada Life Blue Jays 12 - 23 Jets
Brian Connolly tried to walk Craig deliberately. First time Craig stepped way forward to hit it and was called out. Second time he asked BC did he want him to walk and he said yes. The fun went out of the game then. They got thicker as we scored 10 in the top of the 6th. Lots of yak from both teams. They were far from happy and only 2 of them went to the pub.

Week 10. 31 Aug 93. Jets 14 - 28 Troops
We even led 11-1 after the first innings. Didn't score after the 3rd. And their catcher caught the last two outs of the night.

The rest -

Terenure Blitz. 20 June 93.
Flyers go out in the quarter-final to Oddsox Green. Jets go out in the first round of the plate to WetSox B after beating WetSox A earlier.
23 June. Win a prize at the IBSA table quiz for answering 'Mike Kindle' to every question in one round. Rest of the questions didn't really suit us.
CUP. 26 July 93. Flyers 7 - 12 BatPak Still angry from the previous game the Flyers threw their toys out of the pram a lot tonight. None of the close calls went their way but when Emmet O'Hanlon called a strike against Philip even though the ball landed on the plate you have to inform him his call was not correct.
1 Aug 93. Hamzah bin Alikhan is the only Flyer selected for the annual All-Star charity game in the Iveagh Grounds. Brian Connolly, Anne Murphy and Cora all get to play though cos they brought their gloves with them 'just in case'.
PLATE. 17 Aug 93. Jets 10 - 12 WetSox B But because they played 7&2 we got awarded the game. So we didn't really need Betty's run when he hit it just over 1B's head but got around the bases when she threw it past the outfield when trying to throw it to 2B.
Cork Blitz. 21/22 Aug 93. Flew down. A few pints and we acted out JimRassic Park. Nearly missed the flight back home on Sunday which was almost empty apart from waving Flyers. Think this was the O6C year.
League Play-off. 5 Sept 93. St Anne's Park. Flyers beat OddSox Red by 1 run after scoring 10 in the 5th. Flyers and Jets still both on course for a trophy.
PLATE. 6 Sept 93. Jets 11 - 6 Temple Devils Barely manage to get a team out, Anne-Marie Gavin coming out from town to save the day after Nuala and Gerrie called off sick. Another collison at 1B this time Barry Sheehan was our runer and Grainne their 1B. No safety bases back then.
League Semi-final. 12 Sep 93. Sc. Ui Chonaill. BatPak 23 - 6 Flyers Peter Doyle, back in from Kiev, injured his knee rounding 3B and had to play 1B instead of CF where he used hoover everything up. Gail went 3 for 3 and we still lost.
17-19 Sept 93. Hicksville, Long Island, NY. They thought they could have their airline tournament without us but we went anyway and split up. BC, Nuala and Betty joined up with Paige and the crew from ANA. Sometimes it's not winning the game that's important. Betty struck out later that night when he was way ahead in the count. Marley and Vicky travelled up from Philly. On the Sunday we scalped 12 tickets for 12 seats together off the biggest mf you ever saw for the nearly sold-out Yankees game. Crowd were entertained more by us buying hot-dogs than by the game.
PLATE. 26 Sep 93. Sc Ui Chonaill. Semi-final. Jets 25 - 24 Wild Turkeys. Controversial. Jets trailed 15-4 after 2, levelled it after 3 and were still tied 17-17 after 6. With two outs in the bottom of the 7th we trailed by one with Barry on 1B and Emer batting. She hit to the infield who threw it to 1B and celebrated what they thought was an out. The umpire called her safe and in the confusion Barry scored to level it. Betty's hit to RF with 2 strikes was dropped and Emer came home to win it.
PLATE FINAL. Oddsox Green 12 - 10 Jets. Our hitting was good, we got on base but couldn't get the runs. Still we lead, 7-4 after 5 innings. Then defensive errors let them score 7 in the top of the 6th. Trailing by two with two outs Betty hit another one to right field. Barry running from 1B was sent home but got tagged at the plate. Not bad for Div. 1 vs Div 4.

Next season things got a whole lot worse..