GAME OVER... Insert 10 players to continue Flyers were unable to enter the Leinster League in 2011 :( .           Or 2012 either :(                                               But most of them played on...                        And the pitch is still there...                                               Sorry about these pop-ups by the way. The ads I mean.

Long ago, in the distant past, a great softball team emerged from the clay of Fingal in North Dublin. It trained, played and prospered for many years, thriving on the glory in which it covered itself...


...but times, teams and people changed. The younger Flyers broke with the old ways, and new figures arose to replace the old heros. Figures who preferred punch to practice, vodka to victory. Then they in turn became the old Flyers.

But the modern Flyers were not artless brutes. They were not without their own methods. The philosopher Sun Tzu once said "In battle, confrontation is done directly, victory is gained by surprise". No one was ever more surprised by a Flyers victory than The Flyers themselves.

So here we had a sociable squad of players with a "Take it or Leave it" attitude to the giddy heights of the top divison. They took a season or two out every so often to slum it and play in lower divisions. They were on such a journey when they decided to take a break altogether. Their final words were "Meh".

Because they could. Because they chose to. Because they did.

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