Softball Revolution

In a startling display of confidence, Coach Betty has fired the opening shots of the 2002 Premier 2 campaign. In a strongly worded reply to the IBSF's offer to play a one-off game against the Loan Homers - to secure the spot in Premier 1 vacated by the collapse of Odd Sox Blue - the Flyers' supremo essentially said "We don't need no steenking back door".

The Flyers, facing a tough season following the loss of some of their most dedicated drinkers to the southern hemisphere, were widely tipped to be seeking large home crowds to initmidate opposing sides into submission. However, after a fact-finding mission to Cuba with "Swiss" Tony Burns and an unidentified female, Moen is confident that he has the formula for a winning season.

"Obviously, Comrade Castro wanted to help out" said Moen. "Having been on the wrong end of dubious decisions by the U.S. authorities for many years, our Cuban Friends can see many similarities with our relations with the IBSF."

"We discussed a number of things. Suffice to say, I can't say much now about what we agreed on," continued Moen, stroking his "Che Guevara"-style slippers. "But I can let it be known that in exchange for our recipe for weapons grade punch, Chairman Castro has said that there's a Romeo y Julietta #9 in it for umpires whose performance impress him."

The Flyers are currently in pre-season training at their not-particularly-secret ALSAA HQ, and will start the new season when they're good and ready.