Flyers Blitz XXI, 16 May 2010.

Congratulations to TwoPack, winners of the twenty-first Flyers Blitz held on 16 May 2010 at ALSAA, in what was the debut tournament entry for the BatPak and Dublin Bay Packers combined team.
After a shaky start when Sporting Fingal turned up to train on a pitch we were using, and a couple of teams turned up short-handed and had to pull out early, things settled down. A three-way tie for second place in Group A between Marlay II, Marlay III and the Sluggers was resolved with Sluggers going through to the semifinal to beat Marlay I and then go home. TwoPack went 4-0 in Group A and overcame Galway in the other semi, the Tribes having come out top on head-to-head results in a 3-way tie with Blazzers and Belfast Aviators in group B.
The Aviators had the satisfaction of earlier beating the Flyers 13-5 in the first All-Ireland "champions of the sky" game, a cloud of volcanic ash holding west of ALSAA long enough for the game to go ahead.
Marlay I, made up of 3 Premier players and the rest from their Shutout7 and Braves teams plus a newbie on 1B, were no match for TwoPacks ball whackers in the final. At 15-0 after three innings the game was up but TwoPack were in no mood to ease off against their tired opponents. Sinead Harding finally drove in a run for Marlay and together with her defensive play earned herself the female MVP award, even the Devally kids were unanimous on this and all wanted to give her the prize. Picking a male MVP wasn’t easy in such a one-sided match but Peter Mullen took it just ahead of Paddy. Drew can decide who gets the best ball-changer award.
Final score 31-1 to TwoPack.



2010 TwoPack
r/up Marlay Martyrs I
2009 Marlay Martyrs
r/up Oddsox
2008 Marlay Martyrs
r/up Flyers!
2007 Marlay Martyrs
r/up Castletroy Dragons
2006 Dodder Dynamoes
r/up Marlay Martyrs
2005 Dodder Dynamoes
r/up BatPak
2003 Oddsox Green
r/up Dodder Dynamoes
2002 Marlay Martyrs A
r/up BatPak
2001 Marlay Martyrs A
r/up Marlay Martyrs B
2000 Warriors
r/up Diamond Dogs
1999 Oddsox
1998 Marlay Martyrs
r/up Oddsox
1997 Marlay Martyrs
1996 Marlay Martyrs
1995 Marlay Martyrs
r/up Oddsox
1994 BatPak
1993 Marlay Martyrs
r/up Oddsox
1992 Marlay Martyrs
r/up Oddsox
1991 Marlay Martyrs
r/up Oddsox
1990 Turtle Trotters
1989 Dodder Dynamoes

Flyers Blitz XX

Congratulations to Marlay 1, winners of the twentieth anniversary Flyers Blitz held on 9 May 2009 in ALSAA.
As usual, it was raining at 10 o'clock. And, as usual, it cleared up and was sunny and windy for the rest of the day. And, as usual, Marlay won. Munster softball continued where the rugby team left off and had a nightmare morning so didn't qualify for the semi-finals.
Marlay 1 defeated Diamond Dogs in one semi-final, in the other Oddsox defeated a Marlay 2 team who did very well to reach this stage.
In the final Oddsox took an early lead and maintained it thanks to some great defensive play at 3B by Olwyn who took the female MVP award. After 5 innings it was tied 8-each. A HR by male MVP Joe Leftfielder gave Marlay a 2 run lead which they squandered through a RF mix-up in the bottom of six.
Rookie catcher Al restored Marlay's lead top of 7 but a 1-run lead didn't look like it was going to be big enough to land Marlay their 12th title until Oddsox's batting fizzled out when it mattered most.

FLYERS BLITZ XIX - 10 May 2008

Marlay Martyrs retain the Flyers trophy with a facile 19-0 win over the hosts. With 3 wins, and a tie we found ourselves tired and dazed in the final of our blitz for the first time ever. And an injury to Cora meant she couldn’t even play in the final.

The Flyers Blitz XVIII, 19th May 2007

Congratulations to Marlay Martyrs, winners of the 18th Flyers Blitz which took place on 19th May 2007 in ALSAA. Runners-up were the Castletroy team from Limerick who were making their first appearance at the blitz. Marlay hung in and came from behind when the wheels fell off the Limerick bandwagon in the closing innings. Thanks to those who came out, even the Bearcats/Kegs team that drifted home at lunchtime leaving us with a few hours to fill.

FLYERS BLITZ - 06 May 06

Flyers were a run up v Marlay with two out bottom of the last and 1 out from getting to the final. Luckily Marlay came through and gave Dodder a better game than we could have. Base Devils were also a bit shocked to find themselves in the semis. Dodder retain the trophy. Thanks to Blazzers for umping the final.

FLYERS BLITZ - 07 May 2005

Dodder wins. Weather held up. Windburn all round. Japanese emperor and his two 747 cargo jumbos of stuff fly by for a look. Must have heard about the sushi Sichul had brought.

Flyers Blitz. 23 May 2003

Somehow during the day the Suspects beat Marlay and Dodder. Sun came out for the final. Oddsox borrowed Michelle Quaid from Marlay and objected when Dodder with Paul McGrath borrowed Badger after Ken and Noeleen had to go. Dean rejected their objection. So either way Marlay would win a bit of the Flyers blitz. Again. Oddsox got winning run and Brian Walshe accepted the trophy and thanked us for keeping this long-running blitz going. Oddsox have won the trophy twice now, Dodder just the once but then again were banned for many years for some long-forgotten reason. Long night in the bar where Trevor from the Suspects provided the entertainment while Trisha tried to take photos with a phone, thinking it was a camera.

The Flyers Blitz, 11th May 2002

Congratulations to Marlay Martyrs A on winning the 2002 Big Al's Flyers Blitz. After beating Dodder Dynamoes in the bottom of the 7th in a 40-minute game to win group 2, the 'group of death', they proved too strong for BatPak in the final. Ten teams took part on what turned out a great day and AIB took the Sportsmanship trophy. FIFA have announced that Betty has been dropped from the World Cup organisational committee after re-checking the fixture list.

The Flyers Blitz, 26th May 2001

Congratulations to Marlay Martyrs A - winners of the 2001 Flyers Blitz.
And well done to Marlay Martyrs B for reaching the final and pushing the A team all the way to the 7th innings in an exciting final. A hint of team orders in the air perhaps? Crisis at Marlay? What crisis?

1993 Oddsox
r/up Lotus
1994 Oddsox
r/up WarrPak
1995 Oddsox
r/up Marlay/Kegs
1996 Marlay Martyrs
r/up Oddsox
1997 Brazen Hussies
r/up Oddsox/Troops
1998 No Blitz
1999 Easy Riders
r/up Oddsox
2000 Oddsox
r/up Marlay

1996 Avid Angels
r/up Blazzers/Dodder
1997 Oddsox Green/Gold
r/up Oddsox Red/Blue
1998 No Blitz
1999 Oddsox
r/up Dodder
2000 Oddsox
r/up Marlay

And in case you're not sure what's supposed to happen, former Flyer turned umpire, Jaz put together some rough instructions based on what he remembers, what he's been told, and something he read on the side of crisp packet a few years ago.


The Flyers Guide To Softball Tournaments

In order to have a good tourney we would recommend following these basic steps to having an enjoyable time

  1. At least 1 non drinking , non playing enthusiastic supporter (Wives or Husbands will do in a pinch).
  2. Champagne.
  3. Alcoholic beverages of the individuals choice (Or a relative working in a brewery, distillery, public house or other source of liquid refreshment).
  4. Jelly shots to the right ratio as follows:
    Vodka jelly: Mix 1 bottle of Vodka + 1/2 bottle of water to 1 3/4 jelly.
    Peach schnapps and or Malibu at the ratio of 1 bottle to 1 jelly.
    (If offering opponents a taste of Vodka jelly ratio is the same without the water).
  5. A solid cooler box (doubles as a seat). Cooler box ratio should be 1 box per 4 drinkers or if Mick Jacobs is playing for you then the ratio is 1:1.
  6. A solid disregard for starting and finishing times.
  7. 1 early riser.


At least 2 days in advance nominate your early riser so they can register your team without the rest of you actually having to be there. Upon arrival (Preferably in staggered groups as late as possible) congregate around the cars and nod hello to the teams already there and warming up. Slag them off once they are out of ear-shot.
Drift casually late over to your first game and open the Champagne. Drink as much as you can of the champagne 'cause there is only 1 bottle.
Eat some jelly for breakfast and offer some loaded jelly to your opponents. Be enthusiastic about the tournament until it becomes blatantly obvious that you are going to loose your first game.

At this stage kick whoever is sitting on your designated cooler box and open a tin of whatever luke-warm can you get into your hand. Drink this back and assess your further requirements for the day.
By now your non-drinking, driving supporter should be outside the first open off-license they have found. They should ring you and ask what drink or cigarettes you need. (This step should ideally be repeated 2-3 times during the day).
At this stage you should have reached the stage of ingredient 6 and be well on your way to having a great tournament. For examples of the amount of fun this approach can bring you, examine Adrian Forresters eyes at lunch time on any blitz (Under no circumstances should you look directly into his eyes on a Sunday morning!!!!).

Optional Extras:
  1. Your equipment (There is always plenty lying around though)
  2. Enough blokes or girls to field a team (There is always plenty lying around though)
  3. Someone to keep score and do the line-up (Your only non-drinker is usually in the car)
  4. At least 1 softball (A black marker can quickly convert anyone else's you find into a team ball though)
  5. A map on how to get to the tournament (Again strictly not necessary - just look out for people in a car with caps on and follow them)
  6. A change of clothing for the party (In case you are too blind drunk to get home and back again)
  7. A balloon launcher (Now standard equipment for the messers in the league)
  8. A football , american football , frisbee or kite to pose while playing with during lunch (Under no circumstances get a nerf american football that goes WWWHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 'cause those dedicated softballers among you will have already got headaches from the night before the blitz)
  9. Plenty of extra alcohol.
With all of these instructions followed enjoying a tournament should be as easy as a piss up at a Flyers game. We wish you the best of luck but after over 15 years of following this plan we can tell you not to expect to win too often!