Chapter 7
See the bottom do ya? "Fin" means like "The End". Langer.

Heartened by this we set off for Zanzibar's. It was just as Isaac had told us. They had enough food to feed the hungry bunch of ba****ds such as we were. We munched our way though gigantic mushroom starters, Godzilla sized chicken wings, crop sized potato wedges portions, tyre-sized onion rings, elephant-like spare ribs and a plate of Walnut Whips (well actually – Muireann ate all of those), until the unthinkable happened.

James succumbed first. “Ehhhmm…. Would you mind wrapping the rest of my mammoth sandwich so that I can nibble on a corner of it later?” he meekly inquired of the waitress.

We were stunned! “I'm just…em…full,” he mumbled by way of an explanation, which saw the rest of us realise the same. We were delighted at this turn of events. We had arrived hungry, hunted hungry, played hungry, ate whole chickens hungrily, ordered most of the chips in Cork city hungrily, hungrily missed out on winning a plate of sandwiches and bowl of cornflakes, but now we were happy and full.

Leaving the restaurant, full and satisfied, and heading for Smiths, I turned to the rest of the Flyers and said “After the hearty kind of feed that fills the Flyers, we now need some beer. And to do that, we need drinking buddies. Round up the Usual Suspects…..”.