Chapter 5
Chapter 7

The match for the bowl was first, between the Suspects and Icons. The suspects needed a spare girl. Quicker than you could unwrap a Big Mac, we packed up Barbara and sent her off to help them win, and bring the cornflakes back to us.

In an exciting bowl final, the Suspects took the game from the Icons. We were ecstatic! “Grab the cornflakes, Barbara!” we hissed. We had our spoons and a pint of milk ready, when the organisers hit us with some astounding news – the prizes will be handed out at the end of the cup final! Our stomachs rumbled in grumbling unison at the thought.

The plate final started, which saw us up against Marlay B. Again. This time their fielders kept the ball well away from me – hitting it over my head during most of the game, for fear I might eat their last remaining game ball. We couldn't concentrate on the game with the hunger, and slowly the plate (of sandwiches) slipped away from us, with Marlay B taking the game. We were devastated.

We wearily trudged to the other field to see Dodder take on the Saints for the measly cup of tea. That was a super game, which momentarily took our minds off our stomachs, and which saw the game go to Dodder.

The awards ceremony began. “I hope the Suspects share their cornflakes with us,” I sighed wistfully. “I hope Marlay B give us some sandwiches,” Paul and Gavin sighed hungrily. “I'd love some of that tea,” sighed Fiona dreamily, now obviously maddened by the hunger. The bowl was announced first. We pushed Barbara in the direction of the Suspects to grab some of the cornflakes. With all the milling around, Barbara never got to see the bowl. “I don't even know if there were any cornflakes in it!” she wailed, munching on her medal. The plate was next. We were presented with a bag of medals, which we devoured instantly, and a side plate for the runners up position – with no sandwiches. “The winners must have got the sandwiches,” I blubbed. With the way Marlay B gathered around the plate, if there ever were any sandwiches on it, they were well and truly gone now! Dodder came forward to accept their medals, their cup (although we couldn't see any tea in it) and the action man.