Chapter 1
Chapter 3

In the meantime, we had heard of an illicit restaurant nearby where we could get some good grub. We couldn't let our plans be known, so in groups of 3 or 4 we headed off. We met outside a dodgy looking side street building, said the password 'Brian Ebbs', and were ushered up the back stairs to a secret room where they served us Margaritas and Mexican food. Heartened by this, we outlined the plan for the following day at Bishopstown. “We'll start by infiltrating the Suspects team as they seems to always have loads of food – 2 at a time, so as not to look too obvious, and only the girls. The boys can stay with the Flyers squadron, because most of them look like a big bunch of girls anyway, and nobody should notice anyone missing from the camp. Our mission is to eat as much food as possible. Get as much as you can.”

Later that night, we met some of the other travellers in Reardon's. The Suspects were there too. We chatted and sweet-talked to them all night to ensure the success of the next days hunting. Happy, we returned back to Isaac's Place, stopping only once for some chips because we were starving.