Chapter 8
See the bottom? "Fin" means "The End". Idiot.

Most of the team left for the day, and I was left picking up the pieces and wondering how to proceed with the case, when the dame reappeared. "I've been monitoring your progress, like, and I'm impressed with your efforts. But you might as well know, the trophy is a fake - the real Corkese Falcon is in my garden between the fisherman gnome and the gardener gnome. But it's good to see the Flyers reach a semi final. Maybe next year you'll winů".

And quicker than the Flyers on hearing that the bar is open, she was gone. I sat back, cracked open a free beer and smiled at the trophy, safe in the knowledge that only I knew where the real Falcon was, and that the one held by the Saints was simply an action man covered in treacle.